Videogamer: Exclusive interview with Rare graphics god! Part three

Videogamer writes: "For the last two days we've brought you an exclusive interview with Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton, and we've got plenty more to go. If you missed parts one and two, head over there now, but if you're up to date read on for Nick's inside knowledge on GoldenEye on Xbox LIVE Arcade and why he thinks Rare gets a harder time than most other development studios. It's juicy info you won't find anywhere else. One of the largest threads on our forum is about Rare and when they're going to do another FPS. It almost feels like the entire gaming world is waiting for this game to come out, more than any other studio in the world or any other genre.

Nick Burton: I remember when the news of Bungie going, not separate ways, but independent again from Microsoft. The first thing that popped up on every single forum was "What's the bets on who's getting the Halo licence?" and everyone was like Rare every time. No, Bungie will do it. Probably. I don't know. We read all those things as well. All the talent, you know, just because you see Viva Piñata doesn't mean that the talent has gone, because that kind of pains me when you hear about that sometimes. Especially with the GoldenEye guys. About a third of the GoldenEye team are still at Rare. A couple of them did a lot of stuff on it. Everyone's like "GoldenEye was done by these guys". No, it was done by a team of people. Some of our designers, when you look at them and how they analyse things, especially if they have a specialisation like FPS or multiplayer level design, the way they can analyse stuff almost spoils your gaming sometimes. You come in saying how you're really enjoying something and then "well that bit was rubbish wasn't it?" No. "It was because there was this, this and this." And you go yeah, I did get stuck there actually."

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StalkingSilence3750d ago

Couldn't this have been just one interview, with better questions that got straight to the point? Instead of 3 days worth of articles stretching out one interview.