Fallout 4 Heading for Huge Day One Patch?

This opinion piece at Grab It examines the likelihood of Fallout 4 having a big day one patch.

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SlappingOysters2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

I hate these huge patches, especially just after you buy the game, but would I prefer the game was late? Probably not.

Interesting, I loaded up the Darksiders II disc in my pile of shame on my 360 for the first time ever the other day and not a single patch. All that time for release, and game was just fine from day one.

My_Outer_Heaven2671d ago

Look at it this way, the games need to be made into Physical copies which will take time and in order to make sure enough are made they will have to publish an old version of the game onto the disks. Think about all those Pipboy editions, how many of those have been made in advance of the games release. The developer are still hard at work, working on the game.

I don't mind day one patches, because at least while the games are getting manufactured and distributed to retailers the developer can still continue to work on the game and make new content and fix issues so quit the moaning and just enjoy the damn game because people are working hard for your pleasure.

HarryMasonHerpderp2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Honestly couldn't care less about what goes on in the business side of things. "think about those pitboy editions" How about just releasing a game instead of making a million different BS versions? When I buy a brand new game I don't want to have to sit there half an hour waiting for a day one patch. Also filling up hard drive space. As for "just enjoy the damn game because people are working hard for your pleasure" that's the kind of attitude that publishers love. No complaining please just eat what we feed you. Point is big day one patches are bloody annoying and it's inconvenient for the gamer. I understand it's to make the game better but if there are that many problems to begin with just delay the game.

someOnecalled2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Funny cause the main ammo against pc use to be broken games, digital, and having to be online.

Sooooooo what about the console gamers without internet. If its a game breaking bug I guess they should be quite huh. Most games these days have day one patches to make the run correctly or work period. And these patches are eating up data caps and hogging bandwidth. Funny how things are bad one day and acceptable another.

Gone are the plug and play days of consoles . go to the store buy a game, get home put it in, and "wait" for a "patch" lol. Beginning of last gen people use to scream from the rooftops about stuff like but its cool now. Week later finally got free time let play some more... Wait firmware update. Isn't that like a system and driver update. Wait wasn't that bad lol. My god it just gets worst and worst how this group look saying one thing to say another the next day, completely forgetting about the rest of the fanbase.

This not directed at you just rambling. Just think it's funny that mostly everything that people say they don't like about and bash pc about is on consoles

Ninty gets no credit for making sure their games work correctly a launch. Funny how that works.

Taero2671d ago

@someonecalled So, we should just have let console games stay the size/complexity of their n64/psone counterparts then right?

Because it couldn't possibly be true that by vastly improving the games in every way (graphically, AI, environment, objectives etc.) yet having to keep a similar time frame on development it's made it easier for bugs to slip through. No, bet it was those lazy developers who just don't care about their game.

Fro_xoxo2672d ago

with Fallout, a game by Bethesda. I wouldn't be shocked.

PreAtaric2671d ago

The real story would be a Bethesda game that didn't need a day one patch.

Summons752671d ago

I hope not... Day 1 patches are almost as bad as microtransactions/abused DLC/Season Passes. There is no reason why should have to sit through an update the the size of the game or higher. If you didn't complete the game delay it, no one will be mad with that.

die_fiend2671d ago

A little off the mark here. Day 1 patches are the developer fixing things.

Microtransactions are scams. Quite different. Just so you know, you don't 'have' to sit through these downloads. You can just pause them and start the game without the patch. Then patch it while you sleep.

'If you didn't complete the game delay it'. You know that there's these things called discs, that games are printed on? Well when a game goes gold and is headed to print, do you think that the studio all sit there twiddling their thumbs? Or do they work on their game, find issues, and fix them with Day 1 patches? Have a think about it, a long think by the looks of things

Stapleface2671d ago

Bugs being in the game do not make it incomplete. Nor do changes they decided on after going gold. If this were the case almost every game ever is incomplete and shouldn't have been released as they sit now.

Summons752671d ago

There is a huge difference of having bugs in the game that need a small patch AND COMPLETELY SENDING OUT BROKEN GAMES THAT REQUIRE HALF THE GAMES WORTH OF DATA. Not to mention the new Tony Hawk game released with just the tutorial level and the rest of the game was in these so called "AMAZING" day 1 patches....are you telling me a whole game being added on was because of a bug? I don't think so.

My_Outer_Heaven2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Dont be an idiot Summons75.. the games need time to be made into physical copies which will take months. During those months the developer can continue to work on the game so we get a more finished product with added finesse. Would you rather they stopped improving the game?

Summons752671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Obviously I know that but HOW MANY games in the past year alone have released completely broken with a day 1 patch to fix think that is okay? Sorry, I want to buy my games good to play the minute I get home or wake up not wait a few hours for 17gbs worth of stuff they didn't put in to cut corners. I understand the benefit of patches which is awesome we live in a time that can happen but when you have a 25gb game and are adding on 17 more then you should have delayed the game to make sure it was finished.

Razayn2671d ago

I think the main problem is that patching is being misused by most publishers, in the rest of the software industry you would have to hold back your release of it was known to be broken, I'm not sure why games should be an exception.

Simco8762671d ago

Game goes to production, but it doesn't mean the team stops trying to improve the game. Day one patch is fine, not like they are pushing this game out yearly.

My_Outer_Heaven2671d ago

Finally someone that's speaking sense and understands the gaming manufacturing process. Kudos!

ufo8mycat2671d ago

The fact that we get huge day 1 patches clearly means they need to work on fixing the bugs etc before making the game go gold and into production.

They could at least fix all the stuff that would be included in a day 1 patch BEFORE going gold and putting it into production for release.

CrowbaitBob2671d ago

The game would never launch at all if they refused to release it until every bug was completely removed.

Even in those glorious days of yore when there were no post-release patches there were plenty of bugs to be found in every game ever.

user99502792671d ago

Your mistake is assuming that, in the age of live updates, a complex AAA game is ever truly "finished". People seem to massively underestimate the complexity of a game like Fallout. They could delay it, they could add fixes before going gold.... you're still getting a massive day 1 patch that comprises weeks of work between gold and release.

Like it or lump it. I like it. I remember a time when a broken game was a broken game.

Taero2671d ago

So what you're saying is...there'd be another day 1 patch?

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