Xbox + Netflix: Who's Next?

Forbes 'Game On' editor Chris Morris writes:

"While it's still a video game machine first and foremost, the Xbox 360's slow evolution into a home entertainment device is starting to pick up speed.

For nearly two years now, owners of Microsoft's console have been able to download from an ever-expanding catalog of movies and television shows for prices ranging from $3 to $6. That's roughly on par with "On Demand" fees for movies, though considerably more than what you'd pay your cable or satellite company to catch the episode of "South Park" you missed.

Still, the addition of video has been a big hit with users. Over the past year, movies and TV shows have accounted for one-third of all Xbox Live downloads in the U.S.

It's a notable market, but is it a sustainable one?"

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DTClown3778d ago

hasn't MS and other MS backing news outlets been slamming the PS3 ever since it's release for having an identity complex. Are yu a game machine, or are you a movie player...ect. I remember hefty slams to the PS3 because of this.

Interesting on how the 360 is now following suit. Of course one bit at a time, slowly looking more and more like a PS3! News flash, it will never be the PS3, no matter how much MS wants it to be. (and how many add on's they offer for it!)

DEADEND3778d ago

As long as Sony is trying to push features on the PS3 or make great game they will always get slammed for their ideas, but like always others will follow and copy them but won't get criticizes like Sony does. I know it is unfair when you think about it but that is how the media is against Sony.

zo6_lover273778d ago

Sony has always been slammed for there ideas, I remember them getting slammed for having HDMI and 1080p output, Xbots claimed it wasn't needed. The same happened with bluray, they said it wasn't needed for gaming, DVD barely cut it last gen.

Shaka2K63778d ago

Sucks as an entertainment system.

worthless POS with no games.

icarus22563778d ago

PS3 Fanboys still crying I see. Guess what HDMI and 1080p are not needed for 90% of the market you tards if you want to get down to it. 1080p is only noticeably better on tv's bigger than 52 inches which I am sure is less than 10% of the market. That's not my opinion do a search on it. Sony doesn't give a flying bat crap about it's gaming division you fools it's pushing the Blu-Ray format. Yes it will produce games, but there agenda was getting the Blu-Ray out there and at $25-$30 per Blu-Ray disc no ones buying. Oh wait Netflix can stream HD right to my xbox 360 while I sit at home and at a cost of $15 per month yea that sounds a little better. Enjoy your super duper PS3 while it last's, you know the Atari Jaquar was a powerful machine also just something to think about. SHUCK IT TREBEK!

PimpDaddy3778d ago

It's amazing how the first comment on this article and then the responses have all been about defending the PS3 and attacking the 360. Whats that all about? Sounds like Open Zone material to me ------------->

I own a PS3. I have no problem with it playing Blu-Ray movies, surfing the net, and running Linux as long as it has games too.

I feel the same way about the 360. It can have Avatars, have movies, have NetFlix streaming. As long as it still has videogames it can have whatever other features it wants.

Do people really have issues with these videogame consoles having features built in or added? Whats wrong with the PS3 or 360 becoming more valuable and more functional?

mcm3778d ago

Why is this article even in the PS3 section? If I want to read about Xbox news wouldn't I click the Xbox360 tab?
Lokks like bait to me.
Doom and Gloom all the time on this website.
How can a website find negative news everyday?
It is almost as sad as politics during an election year.