Braid would be cheaper if MS agreed

Braid creator Jonathan Blow is "less happy," Microsoft insisted on charging 1200 ($15) Points for the game, rather than 800($10) Points.

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OC_MurphysLaw4359d ago

Wow...gotta love the irony in that interview. "It's MS's fault its $15 not mine....but if it was only $10 then I might not be able to make another game"??? WTF? What kind of bs double talk was that?

If anything I think this article makes it sound like this guy was an idiot and MS basically kept him from pricing the game so low he wouldn't have made any money off it and stayed in debt over it.

but remember, MS was the evil one here...not's their fault he might make some money off the game. LOL

IzKyD13314359d ago

yes, but you still dont think 15 bucks is way too much?
were consumers remember? we dont care if the company's making a profit so long as we get our gratification (well, some fanboys might care about sales, but why should they?)

OC_MurphysLaw4359d ago

I tried the demo...its pretty good. But I dont think I would buy this game at $10 or $5...its just not my cup of tea.

With regards to the price being worth it? Well I guess it all depends on how big the game really is? I mean if its got 5+ hours of game play then yes..$15 is a decent price imo. Also replay ability should be considered too...and I don't recall if this has any kind of multiplayer aspect to it...but that would add to the argument of yes or no on $15 too.

NO_PUDding4359d ago

Guyz, don't be so harshzorz, they gots to payed for the pricecut somehow!


callahan094359d ago

I agree... John Blow is a blowhard. But he made a good game. The only thing preventing the game from being perfect is the collision detection on the goomba-like enemies. It's a bit on the wonky side. Other than that, the puzzles/platforming, the level designs, the story, presentation, graphics, sound/music, etc. are all phenomenal and the game was well worth my 15 dollars.

Cicinho4359d ago

Well n00b if the game was 10$ then maybe more people would buy it and he would make more money.

1000 buying a 10$ game is better than 500 people buying a 15$ game.

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badkolo4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

if the game is good and it is ,well that higher price in some cases, ill pay 15 for all arcade games if they where all quality games.

even though for arcade games 10 is the sweet spot and it should never cost more then that unless its a full featured game like psn has.

IzKyD13314359d ago

yea, ratchet and clank quest for booty seems worth 15 bucks

SCThor4359d ago

ask the bubble I just took from you.

Rhezin4359d ago

AND RATCHET AND CLANKS ALL OF THOSE 6 YR OLD GAMES BLOW! This game actually showed innovation where there was none so please keep your retarded comments to yourself.

IzKyD13314359d ago

i never said this game was bad

Shaka2K64359d ago

Always finding ways to ripping off their consumers.

i love spreading the shamesoft hate for such reason.

360rxorz4359d ago

It doesn't matter. What does Sony charge for their games? $20? Plus, you are getting the superior online service with better games. XBLA has 10x more games than the PSN and all of them are better than the PSN's.

Party Boy4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

PSN games are $9.99 and $5.99 at most for these types of games. Yeah. Keep on getting nickeled and dimed on points and games. Live is a joke. Pay $49.99 for online, pay $19.99 for 15 dollars worth of M$ points, pay for themes and avatars, pay $99.99 for a 20 gig hard drive, pay $99.99 for wi-fi, pay $149.99 for a useless HD-DVD add on. LOL, Live is a joke. Yeah. Keep on getting nickeled and dimed. You must like to whore money for M$. M$ is pimping you little hos.

Bangadoshish4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )


ABACAB724359d ago

You have no clue as to what you're talking about. M$ always tries to rip off their customers. At least Sony gives you more value. For the record, I've played the demo of this game. It sucks ass. It's not even worth 800 points. flOW has more depth and graphical prowess than this game does, and it's in HD. This game is not. None of the XBLA games least not in 1080p.

IzKyD13314359d ago

the games on PSN that are over 20 bucks are FULL games, such as gran turismo prologue, warhawk etc.

ruibing4359d ago

The most popular ones are all $9.99, and they just recently had a sale for $4.99. The $39.99 games are full retail games that you just won't find on XBLA due to the size restrictions.

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