Is the Donkey Kong IP as Great as Mario, Zelda & Metroid? – Nintendo Files

Welcome to the launch of our latest show: Nintendo Files. The new show will explore historical facts and theories about Nintendo and its related IPs. In this premiere episode we take a look at Nintendo’s big 4 IPs namely, Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda and Metroid and take a look if Donkey Kong stands toe to toe with the other 3 franchises.

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luckytrouble1101d ago

I agree that Donkey Kong has grown a bit complacent over the years, having seemingly no way for the series to truly evolve from the perspective of Nintendo and their studios. Granted, there are directions Donkey Kong could be taken that would make DK relevant once more in a bigger way than simply playing to nostalgia with another side-scroller.

What I want to see is another attempt at a 3D Donkey Kong adventure. I would even be okay with it being a collectathon, granted it was controlled and not completely over the top in design like DK64. There is a lot of room for Donkey Kong to grow in the realm of 3D, and I'd really love to see Nintendo take the character back in that direction rather than basically giving up on the idea after a single lukewarm attempt.

fitfox1101d ago

Metroid has become scarce aswell

Masterchief_thegoat1101d ago


smashman981101d ago

Maybe this isn't popular opinion but hands down I love dkc wayyyyy more than mario

PygmelionHunter1100d ago

I share your point of view. Yet, this only applies to 2D Mario games, as the 3D ones (Galaxy, 3D World, etc.) are at least on par with the DKC series, if not higher on my list.

But, at this point, I doubt good old Donkey Kong can catch up to Nintendo's best sellers... Heck, even Metroid hasn't achieved so.

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