Big Download Impressions: Champions Online Issue #1 - Monster Island zone

As cool as it would be to see Batman swinging across rooftops or Spider-Man slinging web, you couldn't pay me to live in a superhero's city. Sure, they do their best to protect civilians, but one could argue that Gotham, Metropolis, New York City and others were somewhat better off before friendly neighborhood heroes moved into town. When villains are on the loose, chaos never ends: buildings explode; cop cruisers and lavishly decorated villain and hero mobiles speed through residential areas and across highways; your stock as a hostage is raised considerably if you're female; and if you're an average Joe, women will forever compare you to the local sexy stud wearing colored tights.

The heroes of the Champions Online universe have recognized the vulnerability of their mortal charges and have done their best to assemble many of the world's most dangerous beasts in one exotic location: Monster Island. At a recent Cryptic Studios press event, Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert gave attending journalists a tour of the isle's dangerous flora and fauna.

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