Five reasons to love Fallout 3

Have you ever spotted information about a game floating around the Internet, practically waving its hands and jumping up and down for your attention? Did you ignore that friendly, lonely information asking you to just give it a chance? Shame on you! Well, sorry, not shame on you, since you're obviously reading this Fallout 3 preview. Actually, calling this a preview would be a bit misleading. Instead, think of this as a look into the reasoning for you to love Fallout 3.

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borgome3727d ago

I can't wait to suck on the teat of this game.

Skemo3727d ago

This is not Fallout. Fallout is completely turn-based combat. Combat that demands strategy of the highest kind, not some re-skinned futuristic Oblivion bullshit with some tacked on "bullet-time" aiming mechanism. They may call this game Fallout 3, but as far as I'm concerned the Fallout series ended with Brotherhood of Steel. Bethesda doesn't give a s**t about the history of the series, and the screenshots and gameplay style back up those claims.

ThatCanadianGuy3727d ago

Yeah i known what you mean.Bethesda is bascially butchering the Fallout name with this game,i think it's just going to be like
Oblivion with guns.And some fancy cinematic killing cam or whatever it is.This game is like number 25 in my top 10 most wanted.

SolidSnake933727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Mk Red where are you, ah who am I kidding I love the game too and the game will be very good, though it picked a bad time to come out, if it does come out during the holiday season I will be buying 7 games from now until Christmas.

SolidSnake933727d ago

In addition to this I'd like to say goodbuy to my wallet, no not just my money, but apparently now I will be selling my 1 dollar wallet as well.