DLC Done Right

"You know what's bull****? A few days after Soul Calibur IV's release, downloadable content was made available. New headgear and costumes to use in the character creator for 100 points. The kicker is that reportedly the download's size has led gamers to the conclusion that you're simply paying for a "key" to unlock content already on the disk. Rumor has it that Vader is on the disk as well and the DLC will be treated in the same fashion. F*** it.

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hokiebonoz4357d ago

dlc is turning into paying more for what you already bought.

MechaZain4357d ago

I had a different view on how DLC was gonna be when they first talked about it. Stuff like what Namco's doing is lame.

shadowghost7524357d ago

DLC done right is what Burnout has done or what DICE are doing with Bad Company, FREE.

xplosneer4357d ago

I think B:BC Free Conquest should have been there from the start, but I do give them props for responding and doing it anyways. Most just shove it aside.

chester4357d ago

i'm with shadow. i love what DICE is doing with bad company. i loved gold rush and continue to play it, but not as much as before. when conquest is released i'm sure i'll be back playing that constantly for awhile. same with burnout paradise. it gives the games legs as opposed to giving it all in one big package. as long as it's free, i'd rather developers did it this way because when conquest does get released, there'll be an influx of players as well and the online community will thrive for it.

pwnsause4357d ago

i thought that the point of DLC was for developers to charge for assets for their game, and that these assets have been in development for a month or 3, guess i was wrong.

shadowghost7524357d ago

I don't mind paying for dlc if its good and if it isn't on the disc!

The only things i have payed for are the two Warhawk expansions and i thought they were worth it but if Yoda is made availiable for the PS3 in Soul Calibur 4 and he is already on the disc then screw Namco Bandai! I just hope Tekken 6 isn't treated in the same way

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The story is too old to be commented.