These Battlefront Screenshots Are Incredible

Battlefront is going to be released next month and we already knew it was going to be epic. Yesterday marked the end of the Star Wars Battlefront beta testing, the largest beta test in EA’s history. Over nine million players tried out the game during the early testing.

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NiteX1224d ago

I wish they would make a KOTOR 3 with the frostbite engine.

Perjoss1224d ago

Don't play with my emotions like that!

wirapuru1224d ago

I wish too but.. to be honest, although it came very pretty, KOTOR's-Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition is Frosbite and came somewhat buggy and slow.

I loved it, but you can see clearly when a dev knows how to put an engine in best use and when it's just "ok".

S2Killinit1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Some scenes from the game look movie like.

Voids1224d ago

Mmm yes, these are the next-gen graphics we've been looking for.

*blindly walks out into traffic*

wirapuru1224d ago

Not only the images are impressive, as was the performance in the PC. I have a GTX 970 and could put it up to the max, but two friends of mine - one with a Radeon HD 6850 and other with a HD 7x50-something, two kinda old cards with 1 GB VRAM - they said it worked very well (some hacks here and there because of beta drivers) - on low but yet 30 fps!

Even on low settings they said it was very pretty. DICE did a good job overall.

Ark_1224d ago

Graphics and soundwise - yes. As allways.
Gameplay and polish ... not so sure.

wirapuru1224d ago

Yeah.. well about gameplay I can't say much - although I love the theme I'm not a MP jump-shoot-teabag junkie, not my cup of tea. Played only to confirm it's not for me.

Hugos1224d ago

Very good pics taken form game. If i was judgig to buy or not to buy this game after seeing this, one what i could make i buyig, but after Beta i have conflicting thoughts. When i saw firs screenshots form Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, i start wondre what they make to the good known series. They just make everything from schratch and screens shows how many work CI Games put into visuals...and they still working on that. So, im waiting for this game.