Inside look at Madden NFL 09 at EA Tiburon

Orlando Sentinel Says: "For Madden fans, August is the most important month of the year. On August 12 the 20th edition of Madden will hit just about every device capable of playing video games - but the real stars of this release are the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We took a trip to Orlando-area EA Tiburon to chat with Madden NFL 09 Senior Producer Phil Frazier about what to expect from this year's Madden."
"There's no doubt that Madden 08 had issues on the PS3, particularly when it came to the framerate. When asked about Madden 09 performance on the PlayStation 3 in part 2 of our interview, Frazier says that not only do the two play identically at 60 frames per second, but the quality assurance team actually prefers playing on the PS3. He didn't go into detail about that statement, but it looks like PS3 owners have nothing to fear this time around."

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fresco5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

b/c they're finding more bugs. duhhhh lol

all jokes aside i'm glad ps3 owners will get to enjoy the game this year

KratosKilla5341d ago

I'm currently considering switching my pre order. Last year is switched to 360 at the last minute but this year i think i'm doing the opposite.