Dead Rising Preview

Capcom serves up a zombie bashing adventure for the 360, but it's not Resident Evil, it's a new, exclusive title, Dead Rising. We preview the game, out this August in America.

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OutLaw5824d ago

Capcom is showing some serious love here.

Anerythristic265824d ago

Who hasn't wanted to run around a shopping mall afterhours breaking into stores and trashing them? I know I have... then again I am a sociopathic meglomaniac! This game looks like F-U-N ! This one is a buy.

shotty5824d ago

Ya Capcom is producing some serious games with great visuals and unlike some developers (no names mentioned)Capcom is showing people that it can make games that are look beautiful and are also fun.

PS360PCROCKS5824d ago

yeah totally buying this one when it comes out, lol

USMChardcharger5824d ago

it will be fun.
i still interested in how the length of the game will work.
i maybe off a little...going by memory but the game takes place for a total of 72hours...and that is like 30 mins ingame. they are going for replay value on this one.

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