New Dead Rising & Devil May Cry Titles In Capcom's Main Pipeline

The latest Capcom report confirms that the company has plans for new titles in the Dead Rising and Devil May Cry franchises.

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Kalebninja1102d ago

Dead rising isn't even good. Why can't they work on a new console monster hunter or a new asuras wrath, or lost planet 4.

Imp0ssibl31102d ago

Don't touch my Dead Rising. Loved 3 on PC

Abash1102d ago

Please let it be a true Devil May Cry 5 they're making

Ikki_Phoenix1101d ago

the last one on pc and xbo was horrible sry

Sevir1101d ago

Meh to Dead Rising... And if they do a DMC5 I'm praying to god they ditch that horrible PS2 camera system... I'm actually hoping the Devil May Cry in development is DmC2... Fingers crossed.

Kribwalker1102d ago

^^ says dead rising is no good, continues to ask for new lost planet after the debacle that was lost planet 2 and 3 lol

Dead rising 3 was fantastic

Kalebninja1102d ago

Ill admit lost planet 3 had a lot of issues but lost planet 1 and 2 were good. I played DR3 but I didnt like it.

Sainox161102d ago

There was a third lost planet? xD

Roccetarius1102d ago

Lost Planet 1 was great, 2 was good as well but for different reasons like the co-op gameplay. Instead of more Dead (pun intended) Rising games, they should go back and improve on what worked with Lost Planet.

Concertoine1102d ago

Lost planet 2 is my guilty pleasure. I spent way more time on that game than i probably should have.

But come on man, you can have 3 guys in one mech while you have a fight to the death with a monster the size of an island. Then after you blow his legs off, you can crawl inside and bomb his GUTS!

Trekster_Gamer1102d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Dead Rising 3 on my XB1, another dead rising would be totally cool with me!

vlashyr1101d ago

Yeah. I loved Lost Planet 1, but 2 and 3 are best forgotten in every way!

ZaWarudo1101d ago

I freakin' loved Lost Planet 2. That game was crazy fun with all the looting.

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Automatic791102d ago

DeadRising 3 was awesome one of the best launch games on Xbox One.

RiseofScorpio1102d ago

Hopefully MS sees how amazing DR is and fund DR4. Please MS.

Rookie_Monster1101d ago

Dead Rising 4 and Live Cloud compute..Oh my! Make it happen MS.

mark_parch1102d ago

the first dead rising was epic

Detox0241102d ago

You just called dead rising bad and said a new lost planet would be better please go.

Darkfist1102d ago

loved lost planet 2, 4 player campaign, giant monsters, robots, they should make lost planet 4 with the same style as lp2

gangsta_red1102d ago

Lost Planet 1 was good, part 2 had some cool designs...part 3...absolute trash.

If Capcom could take part one and mix in the good qualities of 2 and make a solid 4 I would be happy.

Hell yea for another Asuras Wrath, but I want longer gameplay and less QTE battles. Auras Wrath should have DMC style action all the way through.

ANyways I'm happy to see a new DMC and Dead Rising game is in Capcom's future. Can't wait.

Alexious1101d ago

Yeah Lost Planet 1 was really good. Liked it a lot

1101d ago
_-EDMIX-_1101d ago

? lol, don't make Dead Rising, but make 2 other IPs that sold just as worse?

They can do both too as the people who make Dead Rising don't make Monster Hunter or Asuras Wrath or Lost Planet (that team actually closing down too)

A Dead Rising is a good call ,DMC is also a good call but I don't know how good it could be. Depends on the team they have. Hoping for DMC5 though and not some reboot.

deadpoolio3161101d ago

LMAO Asura's Wrath and Lost Planet were major flops in comparison to Dead Rising......Asura's Wrath was total Garbage, and the ONLY good Lost Planet was the first one, the third totally killed the series

ZeroSins1101d ago

Because of Nintendo. They sell more games and portable handhelds. Same reason why we can't get a console MH or a good one. Copy/paste MH forever. All thanks to Nintendo.

Saijahn1101d ago

dr3 was cool. it was the first one i played.

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Alexious1102d ago

Great news, I love both series.

ccgr1102d ago

haven't played either of them :\

Imp0ssibl31102d ago

Really? They're very different kind of games but I would recommend you to get them, they're really cheap these days.

_-EDMIX-_1101d ago have not lived it. DMC1 and 3 are amazing titles, 4 too.

All the Dead Risings have been great imho. I didn't play 3, but I heard great things and don't think the concept changed that much.

Yokan1101d ago

Excuse me for being ignorant but what does Main Pipeline mean? Does that mean thats what they are working on throught the end of the fiscal year?

wesjanson991102d ago

This is interesting if good news.

Aurenar1102d ago

I hope DMC proves better than the first.

Ikki_Phoenix1101d ago

story wise dmc was better than all devil may cry
but gameplay and bad ass dante and vergil classics DMC'S remains king

ShadowWolf7121101d ago

"story wise dmc was better than all devil may cry"


DanteVFenris6661101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

ehhh i wouldn't say that. It had a greater focus on story but that doesnt equate the story to being good. It had more cutscences, and tried to make something interesting, but the story was garbage.

I prefered the stories of the older dmcs. They were simple and kept true to the characters. I just want a badass slaying demons, nothing more nothing less. That is what dmc is about.

MoveTheGlow1101d ago

Capcom is not going to contract this out to Ninja Theory, they're busy making Hellblade anyway.

I hope they're building a team of young developers in Japan to make a good successor to DMC3. If they're successful at making a great single-player experience and it sells, we might see a resurgence of the Clover titles later on too, as Capcom would have the capacity to do so. Or, heck, a new take on Mega Man.

They might contract Platinum, but they've been inconsistent lately, especially with licensed material outside of their studio. Plus, they're currently making a Monster Hunter-like game, and I'm not sure they could be a strategic partner to Capcom.

LavaLampGoo1102d ago

I own Dead Rising 3, but Ive barely touched it. Maybe I should try it again.

Kribwalker1102d ago

It is fantastic fun. Ripping thru hordes with my steamroller flame shooting motorbike could be done for hours

vlashyr1101d ago

True, it's amazing. Even better if you have a coop friend to play with!

CrowbaitBob1102d ago

I had it sitting in my backlog for quite a while. Once I gave it a shot though it hooked me. My buddy and I ran through the entire game co-op twice.

I wish more games would allow full co-op through the entire campaign like DR3 does.

Alexious1101d ago

Indeed. Halo 5 is coming soon though!

wirapuru1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Is it on Xbox One or PC? If PC remember to double-check almost everything here:

Believe me, the PC port can be very frustrating - it was for me first 2 times I tried to play it. I just recently got back for a third try - after specifically disabling Steam overlay + any FRAPS or that kinf of software never had any crash anymore. Anyways.. good luck and have fun, really worth it =)