Sony: PlayStation VR to Have 'good suite' and 'wide variety' of Launch Games

VRFocus reports on Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) stating that the PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) kit will have a 'good suite' of launch titles.

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sinncross1101d ago

That is encouraging but of course we will need to see what the confirmed launch titles to be sure.

Vr has a lot of potential, hopefully Sony does not make any wrong moves.

DragonDDark1101d ago

Agreed. If Sony does everything right from price to games, it'll sell great.

kraenk121100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Agree. People like me are kinda bored by traditional gaming for a while already. I game for more than 30 years and I get really excited at the idea of having shorter but more intense gaming experiences. Especially since I believe VR is capable of going far beyond traditional gaming experiences (in a sense like Journey was). Can't wait and really hope this becomes a success soon. It will have a break through once in a while but it depends on the next few years if it will be now already or will still need another 10 years or so to be really convincing and cheap enough.

On the other hand I kinda believe price won't be too much of a factor if the experience is impressive enough people will pay everything for this.

Eonjay1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

LOL.. what does 'if Sony doesn't make any mistakes' supposed to mean. They need to have room for error as this is a new frontier. They are gonna have to experiment and make mistakes like everyone else.

JoeReno1100d ago

Yeah, because the X1 reveal was mistake free @Martin


TwoForce1100d ago

@martinstrings Hey ! It's not like Microsoft are perfect. So unzip your fanboyism and go outside, douche,

sinncross1100d ago

Like pricing it at $499 would be a mistake and a pretty bad one.

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ABizzel11100d ago

Oculus also has a lot of "support", but if PSVR can launch with 20 games / experiences, and patch a good number of old games that can hit the VR requirements then PSVR will be off to an amazing start, and then price would be the final determination of whether PSVR is a big success or not.

Eonjay1100d ago

All they really need is to have a good flagship title No Mans Sky, London Heist and RIGS. Throw in a good horror, puzzle and racing game and they already have the most impressive VR line up before we even get to the huge amount of third party support. I don't think their launch will be a problem at all. What I think they need to do is make sure that their dedicated VR studios continue to support the device on a regular basis and that Sony's 3rd party relations keeps content coming to the device.

ABizzel11100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

I'm making a blog about this. There's just too much to type in a collection of comments.

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Septic1100d ago

I reckon PlayStation VR is going to be a massive game-changer. I haven't even tried it yet! But you should have seen the reactions of people who tried it. They were going mad for it. One guy looked like he soiled himself.

The ONLY thing stopping this from being a success is the lack of software support and Sony are withholding release until they get that right. But if they do get it right, I don't care, I'd shell out £500 for this easily. I don't think this is a gimmick. I pray it isn't. This is the future!

gangsta_red1100d ago

A game changer? Only if the price is right and even then I would be skeptical.

Too many factors at this moment imo, software support as you said, will Sony be able to balance support for this and the PS4? They were barely able to do it for the Move and Vita. And as I said before price and total cost, VR device, controllers and any other future peripheral is going to be costly.

Personally I hope this isn't the future. Nothing is appealing about strapping on a metal mask to my face and cutting off everything around me.

Eonjay1100d ago

Are you sure you aren't skeptical simply because it doesn't appeal to you though? What if the price is right and the content is there? Would you be willing to try it? If you can play VR games with others, will it be any more isolating than playing cod in your room online?

gangsta_red1100d ago

I am skeptical on both accounts you mentioned. Not appealing and seeing it as a fad. I've tried it, not the PSVR but HTC's version. It was cool, but not something I wasn't super impressed enough to want it to be the future of gaming.

"will it be any more isolating than playing cod in your room online?"

But I'm still aware of my surroundings, what's happening in the next room or upstairs of my house, or my phone ringing, things like that.

There is definitely potential for some great VR games but as of now it doesn't interest me.

kraenk121100d ago

Did you try it already? I get the feeling most people simply can't imagine what good VR feels like until they really experienced it. Of course it's still possible it doesn't appeal for you but I still think one great title will be enough to convince people, just like Crash Bandicoot or Tekken convinced people of 3D gaming back then.

kenwonobi1100d ago

Thus is something I feel that is only proven through experience. A demo you said? Well you say that demo on HTC vive which I'm sure wasn't close to any games isn't an accurate account of an actual game in VR. From a demo standpoint I'm sure you think this thing will be another Kinect. I assure you having played VR games this is no gimmick barely usable Kinect. You can play full on games, environments, stories within this VR experience. That is the only way to pass judgement. When the games come people will follow.

kenwonobi1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Next time we play VR it'll be actual games. They won't in some cases be like Kinect niche games. Some will be actual full titles with stories. VR is not limited to a control scheme. It's exactly like another console but with a different way of immersive experience.

gangsta_red1100d ago

I'm positive there will be some great titles for VR. I can see that possibility most definitely with it. But from what I tried and just from a personal standpoint it's not appealing or interesting to me at this moment.

I don't think these VR devices will be as bad or forgotten as the Kinect. But as I said earlier it all comes down to price point and support. If the price is right for consumers it will sell, if the software support is good it will have some longevity.

My question for Sony's VR is will they support it? They haven't had the best track record for supporting peripherals.

DigitalRaptor1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Well, not many people that I've heard impressions from that have tried it share your opinion on it not being impressive, and quite frankly that's got to be a fantastic thing. I think it's great that people are excited for this tech and seemingly care more for being immersed in game worlds than what is happening in their house. You know, you don't have to wear headphones with PSVR? Frankly, those reaching excuses are not necessary.

Just one impression of RIGS. Looks great, plays great:

Of course, be skeptical, but from what I've seen PSVR already has more support of dedicated experiences at this early stage than the Move did. Vita had a strong launch lineup, but that didn't last, so we'll have to wait and see.

Rumours are flying that Media Molecule's Dreams and No Man's Sky are PSVR games and those 2 games alone would justify the device in my opinion, even without a solid looking game like RIGS, Ark: Survival Evolved and Adrift. I've heard many people say that if No Man's Sky is announced as a VR game, it's a day one investment to them.

The Assembly also looks great, and something in the vein of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture style first-person adventure exploration game.

It's pretty clear that it won't be the future though, since there's no way the adoption rate of this tech will be able to surpass the format of regular games, so forget that. VR is just an avenue to be more immersed and present in game worlds.

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