TVG: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Hands On Preview

TVG writes: "Just months before its early 2009 release, TVG returns to the Red Planet for a further taste of the action, including some backpacking multiplayer shoot-outs...

Scheduled to arrive on Xbox 360, PlayStation, and PC Games for Windows during the early months of 2009, Red Faction's third outing is on the brink of under-going its biggest challenge to date: a multiplayer beta stress test involving over twenty-five thousand gamers across both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. But how is it holding up ahead of the impending online onslaught?

TVG recently returned to the terraformed frontiers of Mars to go hands on with some of Guerrilla's multiplayer game modes for the first time, and get a closer at the struggle between the EDF and the re-born Red Faction..."

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