Sony looks towards Indian game development

Games development is an expensive business. However, Sony may be refocusing new resources on India to help lower costs. India is a burgeoning hotspot for tech, with cheaper labor attracting the company. Technology from London Studios will be brought over to India, the territory which is also maintained by SCEE.

Already, the company has made ties with four developers in the country for five different projects to develop "local content." With an ever-growing demand for gaming tech in India, Sony seems poised to be one of the few companies actively reaching out to the native market there.

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Chandresh Patel3724d ago

Already sent my Application

sinncross3724d ago

why not south africa as well sony??

we've been buying ur playstations for a long time now.

shadowghost7523723d ago

Most probably because of the huge purchasing power of India's middle class, India's population is an estimated 1,129,866,154 (July 2007 est.) ns/the-world-factbook/print/in. html

So if we assume that 30% of those play video games that is 338,959,846 million people approximately, that is an incredible market to tap into and potentially some of Sony's future first party games from there may become as important to them as Motorstorm, Resistance 2 etc

cmrbe3723d ago

India is has a very fast growing ecconomy. I am gald that Sony is already looking at India seriously and especially reports that they are working with locals to produce local content.

This is the way Sony works anyway. Mark my words. India in the next 20 years will be right up there with the NA and Europe market in terms of importance.

cyclindk3723d ago

I don't know about a fast growing economy, but it's more of a large number of extremely over qualified individuals that work for cheap...that's why Sony is looking to India, and it's good for all those people that wouldn't have a chance otherwise.