Jolt UK Preview: Skate 2

Jolt reports:

''You'd think even the mighty EA would have had second thoughts about launching a skateboarding game to compete against Activision's insanely huge Tony Hawk's franchise, and perhaps they did, which would explain why last years 'skate.' separated itself so far from the competition as to practically invent a new genre. Whereas the TH games were all about the arcade thrills, Skate offered a level of simulation that, while insanely challenging at times, could be far more satisfying even with just a few simple stunts.

We rated it highly, but had a couple of reservations. Thankfully developer EA Black Box is taking some extra time to fix those issues, apparently without messing with the core game. The 'flickit' trick system will remain intact, but is being expanded to include some useful new moves like hippie jumps, hand-plants and foot-plants. The use of the right analogue stick to perform jumps and tricks was inspired, but could be downright fiddly at times. It would seem that the sequel will be even more challenging should you wish to master the additional manoeuvres, which now employ the face buttons in context sensitive ways.''

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