Boomtown Review: Pixeljunk Eden

Review by James Hamer-Morton:

"My girlfriend was terrified. Subsequently that frightened me as I knew I'd have no recourse from the addiction, already demonstrated by the Xbox 360. When Trophies were announced as an addition to the PS3 feature set, we envisioned the kind of achievement whoring that I 'may' enjoy for all of the rest of my games, and the sudden lack of free time I would have. The first product released with Trophies from the get go is Q-Games' newcomer to the (relatively) simplistic 2D based PixelJunk series, Eden.

The 'series' benefits from a relatively short development cycle by being able to include the newest features available to developers, and Eden is no exception. Giving you a simplistically styled but endearing 'garden', and control of a 'Grimp', named after its ability to grip and jump the game throws you in the deep end from the title screen which doubles as your home garden. Actually it's not the deep end, but as far as you're concerned it seems that way. Gradually giving you pop up tips to help you play, the game coaxes you into its world, and if you give it a chance, you won't be leaving for a while."

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