Crispy Gamer: American McGee's Grimm, Episode 1 Review

Review by Erin Bell:

"Before Disney got its hands on them, stories like "Cinderella" and "Little Red Riding Hood" were violent, nasty little cautionary tales meant to scare children into being good boys and girls. But somewhere along the way, fairy tales lost their teeth. Characters began living "happily ever after," and the phrase "fairy-tale ending" was coined to describe a peachy-perfect resolution to a problem, typically involving an attractive couple riding off into the sunset while woodland animals frolic at their feet.

Well, American McGee wants none of that. Having already offered his bleak interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland" with American McGee's Alice -- which portrayed an insane adult Alice navigating a warped Wonderland with a gaunt and mangy Cheshire Cat at her side -- the Shanghai-based developer has taken on the entire oeuvre of the Brothers Grimm with a similar eye to the macabre."

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