It’s a Trap: the Star Wars Battlefront Beta Will Lock You In | Playstation Enthusiast

As the beta moves ever closer to the final day, a member of the Playstation Enthusiast community has taken the time to write up their perspective on the Star Wars Battlefront beta.

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Becuzisaid1102d ago

So fun! Going to be a long month wait till the full game...

Scottyxboxoneandps41102d ago

Couldn't agree more!! Absolutely loving the beta, November feels like a year away!!! Lol

NiteX1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I think I played it for about 20 mins or so and uninstalled it. But, there was a plus side. It made me jump back into SWTOR which I'm very much enjoying again.

dragonopt11102d ago

Enjoying the beta a lot and they still haven't showed us everything. They need to tweak a few things (walker assault) but as a Star Wars fun I'm satisfied. Monday will be a sad day, guess it's Uncharted until November

81BX1102d ago

Does anyone know if you can have more than one person in ur squad?

Kleptic1102d ago


You get a single partner...and you get the 'party system'...

in game, you only ever see your partner as far as being highlighted differently and someone you can spawn on, as well as share load outs with....the party system is just a pre-matching making lobby for up to 8 people...

81BX1102d ago

That sucks. Thanks. Bub vote for the info.

Kleptic1102d ago

thanks, and yeah, pretty lame overall. They've kind of been cryptic about it in recent interviews when asked about the single partner system...with 'battlefront is all about playing with A friend'...

meaning...they're probably actively trying to reduce the effectiveness groups and 'clans' can have in game...which is fine, i guess...but hurts those that remain casual but happen to want to play with more than a single other person...

Ozmoses1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

It didn't lock me in whatsoever... I played it for a few MP matches and immediately deleted it from my HDD..

wasn't impressed at all by what I played or saw... I dunno maybe I just don't really care about Star Wars as much as the rest of the world.

November is going to be dominated by Fallout 4 for me.

Kleptic1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I have to agree...I'm one of those rare wierdo's that doesn't hate star wars, but also am in no way super in to it...its literally a take it or leave it kind of thing....The originals were ok, and the newer trilogy didn't bother me, either...people always say how terrible the newer 3 are because they're 'so cheesy'...but, so are the originals...? If anything they're mostly kid oriented, and other than some typical child hood nostalgia for them, i couldn't give a shat...

and yeah...take away the SW franchise from Battlefront...and i'm looking a $15 game straight in the face in which DICE STILL can't figure out how to develop remotely acceptable spawn systems...

pretty game, yes...but no thanks, i've been down that road with EA and DICE way too many times...and set in the SW universe does very little to make it less annoying...

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