First piece of Deus Ex 3 concept art?

More Rumour-mill stories today, as many believe this to be the first piece of Concept Art for Deus Ex 3, but what do you think?

Strategy Informer think that it could be official, although its more likely to be a fake.

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Relcom3777d ago

Been hoping for this for awhile now. Hers to hoping this pic is true, but yeah as with most leaked images *grain of salt*

Somnus3777d ago

Strategy Informer can't even spell "Deus"...morons.

dude_uk3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

you beat me to it.. i don't know how it got approved without correction...

its not even "Deus" which means "God" in portuguese

it is "Deux" as is "Deux Ex"

Xi3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Deus Ex Machina is the proper name for the title, meaning "god from machine" referencing the enhancements and cybernetics that are put into game.

It's also a play on the phrase meaning any inferior plot device that expeditiously solves the conflict of a narrative (literary meaning), which was the original design for the story in the original deus ex. For the case of the game it was making the player a god, which with regards to Ars Poetica is never to be done.

Yes, but the name of the game is latin in origin, not portugese. And it's meaning is very convoluted, and in the context of the game it's extremely fitting.

dude_uk3777d ago


i am brazilian... "Deus" is Portugues for "God"
the portuguese language is a variation of latin so in a way you are correct

Skerj3777d ago

Very much so, from when they first announced the game was going to be done.

Skerj3777d ago

If I don't hear that Eidos allowed Warren Spector to have creative input like he asked, this game is dead to me until I see it is not going to be like Invisible War.