Preview: Superman Returns: The Videogame

With a Hollywood blockbuster movie now out in front of the game, here's how Electronic Arts is planning to make Superman Returns: The Video Game a star.

Electronic Arts has had a miss (Catwoman) and a hit (Batman Begins) with its annual summer collaborations with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics. Superman Returns: The Video Game looks like another step in the right direction for the game publisher, which is expanding the game's world beyond the scope of the film and tapping into the rich comics' history.

"Historically, it's been hard to make Superman games," said Jason Hall, senior vice president of WBIE. "He's an invulnerable character that can only be hurt by one thing."

PS360PCROCKS6204d ago

while I dont trust EA, what they said brings hope, hopefully this could be cool like Spiderman 2 was cause u got to go anywhere

USMChardcharger6204d ago

someone will do a good superman game...eventually. and maybe this will be it.

i would like to point out that they considered the batman begins game a sucess? i thought it got poor reviews and it played really bad, maybe i am wrong.

OutLaw6204d ago

But I do hope that EA could pull this off. They do have enough money and programmers to make a good Superman game. As long it's not the guys who worked on the Marvel Nemesis game. That game sucked.