Rare: Perfect Dark and Kameo 'sold phenomenally well'

Speaking to at last week's Develop conference in Brighton, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton hit out at reports suggesting Xbox 360 launch titles Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero bombed at retail.

"One of the things that I always find funny is when people always quote Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero as being flops at the launch of the 360," said Burton. "In the industry if you break even you're lucky, you're in the minority. If you make a decent amount of money you're really in the minority. You're in the top percentile. Those two games made a lot of money. For the install base they sold phenomenally well. Kameo is still selling now."

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RadientFlux3723d ago

Kameo was an excellent game. I still remember saying wow when I first tried the game on my first HD tv.

Perfect Dark Zero is another story it was just boring. Thankfully I traded it for Condemned a few days after purchase.

Rich16313723d ago

I never played Kameo but I agree with Perfect Dark being boring. Everything was too shiny and just well...crap. I don't care if it got a 9.0 on, that game SUCKS!!!

GiantEnemyCrab3723d ago

Agreed. Kameo was an awesome launch title. I remember seeing the thousands of enemies on screen and going "WOW!". Still one of my favorite platformers on the 360.

Perfect Dark not so much.

Chubear3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Just "...phenominally well". What, not even shipped numbers for us to gauge? I mean, if they sold "phenominally well" there sure as hell ould be sequels by now or at the very least announced for a future release date.

The 360 is in it's coming to it's 3rd year with these games being launch window games. I'd think at least an announcement of sequels would be in line.

MGRogue20173723d ago

They are both excellent games. Great graphics too.

If you can find them both for cheap... Well.. I really wouldn't pass if I was you.

TOSgamer3723d ago

Just played a couple of levels of Perfect Dark Zero the other day and although the graphics are outdated the gameplay still employs lots of stuff shooters today don't do. Such as being able to choose your starting weapons before every mission, varied environments, breakaway armor on the enemies, multiple paths and co-op that employs different routes for each player.

Elven63723d ago

It was also the first Xbox 360 game to employ a multiplayer squad system, it was a bit hidden though, in the options menu but it's their alright! It should have been made a bit clearer though.

Superfragilistic3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

And don't forget the very early third-person cover system! ;)

Gitaroo3723d ago

thats because there werent really anything else to check out at launch.

Covenant3723d ago

Kameo was my first 360 game, and is still a personal favorite. I still play it every once in a while. Very underrated game.

PDZero, on the other hand, may have sold well, but it's an average game, at best. It's not so much that it's a bad game, it's just not terribly good, either.

PimpDaddy3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I bought Kameo for my kids. It's alot of fun. We also still bust it out from time to time.

I rented Perfect Dark at launch. It was a little above average for a fps this generation. I'm sure it got most of it's sales from being a launch game.

I think more people would like Perfect Dark if there wasn't such a good variety of shooters on the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.