GamesOnSmash Hosting SC4 Tournament ( PS3 )

The Games On Smash Crew will be hosting a SOULCALIBUR IV Tournament for the PS3 in the month of August. To sign up, simply go to the web page at and click on the button marked "SOULCALIBUR IV Tournament sign up." The winner will be rewarded, but you'll have to see when you win.

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lodossrage3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

The first one I'm aware of is the one at Sony's Meteron location. I wish I had faith enough in my skills to enter since they win some SERIOUS $$$.

PSWe603724d ago

I just registered, can't wait

Sk8boyP3724d ago

Yeah, sign-up was easy, I'll probably get pwnd but it's worth a try.