Christian Publication Goes Negative on Games

The Christian Examiner Online expresses concerns over video games from a religious angle in what a press release claims is an "in-depth" report.

However, the piece, written by Steve Rabey seems far too brief to be "in depth," is very much of a bashing, and ignores a number of positive areas where religion and games intersect.

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Kyur4ThePain3725d ago

As "Christians", you shouldn't be judgmental.
Go read a story.

iamtehpwn3725d ago

I actually like talking to Agnostics about religion because they make more sense and they don't believe what I do!

But really, This is why I left the church and became nondenominational. I will not be subjected to such ignorance.

(This is almost as bad as the Evangelic Christians praying that it Rains on the day of the democratic convention. No personal offense to you if you are one, but offense to you if you support the idea. You should never pray "Against" someone.)

lonestarmt3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

@above man you really have been dechurched. You should go to a bible church. I do and its done wonders in my relationship with my faith.

edit: haha whats with the disagrees. Ok let me clarify. What he said is wrong on how to handle christianity and there is plenty of other options to worship that fall in line with he said he believed in. Thats all. gosh

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3725d ago

I am a Christian and I play some of the most violent games you can think of, many of the games I play have reference to "evil" and demons etc i.e. Doom and so on. That does not and cannot affect my belief as a Christian.

What this guy is forgetting is that Christianity has many denominations. They all come from the same root but grow to have different colors of leaves and branches, in other words, different customs and traditions. This guy makes it seem that it is "non-Christian" to play video games which is absolutely false. But according to his denomination it may be objectionable to be subjected to violence via videogame etc.

I ignore people like this. IF he was so concerned why doesnt he develop a super smash hit videogame which has amazing storyline, gameplay, graphics and deals with Christianity?

Play games and have fun!

harrisk9543725d ago

games that promote religious themes, they should go make some and market to their community. These same groups were harping on movies until the Passion of the Christ came out.

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skullmcrex3725d ago

Religous organisations have no more important opinions on video games than anybody else. If the game hints suggests etc that the DEVs don't beleive in religon thats fine. These people go to our kid's schools telling them that their religon is right, someone saying it isn't is perfectly fine and its ironic that these people are against some people telling saying religon isn't true when they are going about saying it is.

lonestarmt3725d ago

actually they are not allowed to go to school. lol Public schools by far teach anti-god, pro-evolution, and support against one relegion. There is nothing wrong with christians thinking they are right. Just like muslims, jews, hindus, buddists, and anti-religion think they right. When they force it and judge others, its wrong.

iamtehpwn3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

pro-evolution is not antigod.
Natural Selection is something I can prove to you with Some rabbits and a lab.

All it's Saying is that Genes mutate, They spread to their off spring, and if that gives them an advantage toward living, over the others, then they'll be more populated. That's the so called "Anti-god evolution theory" also known as logic. =P

lonestarmt3725d ago

OMG better lock me up. I'm a conservative. Geez I know its become a bad word in some circles now and I"m right up there with the nazis. Right up there with other stupid generalizations that are wrong just like video games are bad for you like this guy thinks. Its simple "logic" and common sense. IF you believe in something then you think your right. If you didn't think you were right then you wouldn't believe in what you do. If thats what you think then great, but when you start forcing others to think the way you do then its wrong.

thanks for putting me in a box. I really don't give a crap if it all happened in a bang, we just came from dust, or evolution is correct. I believe that God started or did what ever created us. Thats MY OPINION. I have every right to think that just like some one can think thats silly. Also actually there is alot of info and research data that say that alot of darwin's idea's were wrong. Its sort of like global warming there is a lot of theories going both ways.I think its unfair and ignorant to say.

"That's the so called "Anti-god evolution theory" also known as logic. =P "

Meaning that anyone who doesn't believe in evolution has no logic. Its a difference in ideals. Its just as bad as what this guy is purposing.

iamtehpwn3725d ago

I didn't mean to personally insult you. lol.
I'm just saying Natural Selection is basis of evolution, and it is common sense. Now Drawin, I will partially agree with you, There is a lot of evidence against some of his theories, howeverrrrrr.

I believe in Micro evolution, Not Macro Evolution. Micro evolution is small adaption to make you a better species. Random example...Darker Skin to protect against sun burns.

Macro Evolution is the idea of one species evolving into another one. While this is theoretically possible, It's most definitely not probable, although it depends on who you talk to.

But don't be upset. No one here hates god or Jesus, just those that choose be old-timey.

Andddddd. The Conservative remark is only due to them being in news Talking about those "crazy antigod liberals" ;]

lonestarmt3725d ago

haha ok I guess. You have no idea how many times I get that remark sarcastically and as an insult. Then suddennly my thoughts on subjects don't mean a damn thing. I guess its made me ultra senstive to it.

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lonestarmt3725d ago

There are some christians that think this way, but not as much as you think. Plus its not just them, up tight liberal hippies, muslims extremists also do the same thing. I am religious and a avid gamer. I also do think games can hurt your mind. I look at it as a r rated movie. There is a time and place for what they can play. A 9-13 year old can play street fighter, halo, final fantasy, but they shouldn't be allowed to play GTA, dead rising, dead space. Just like they shouldn't be able to watch R movies then. Trust me if you are exposed to this stuff too early, I'm not saying you will become a criminal or something, but it CAN effect your thinking and emotional sensitivity toward things.

iamtehpwn3725d ago

I was looking at pr0n at 12 (still Am, God created a woman's body, dammit, and I'm gonna enjoy it), and I've turned out well so far. =P

lonestarmt3725d ago

I"m not going to say anything, you just proved my point. haha

skullmcrex3725d ago

Nonsense, i went to four primary schools as a child. In every single one we were FORCED to sing religous hyms at assembly, ministers came in once a week to tell us a story about god. There was never once a mention of anti-god. Secondary was much the same, ministers came into the weekly assembly, we were forced to sing religous hyms at the Christmas assembly. RE was only is anti-god if you had a teacher who was netural. I had a nun. Now i know this is just my personal experiance but i know that most of what i mentioned STILL happens in schools.

lonestarmt3725d ago

ok well, obviously you went to be a private or christian school. Crap, if you had a nun you obviously went to a catholic or christian school. Its in fact illegal to do so in public schools. Schools either have to something for all faiths or none.

Massive-Delusion3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

That's exactly what it was like when I was at school. Assemblies were finished with a Prayer and in Primary School (Like you said) we had to sing Religious songs. Again, a Minister also came in to speak to us and gave us a talk followed by a Prayer. It was a bit like a Dictatorship- you didn't have a choice in the matter.

I may sound Anti-Christian but I'm not as I'm actually a Christian myself- I'd say I'm more anti-Religious, anti-dogmatic, anti-ignorance etc. I suppose I'm more a Liberal Christian as I like to be open-minded to other ideas and people.

That's my two cents anyway...

As for games...I have no problem with gore or violence in them. I play what anyone else does; Bioshock, Halo, Oblivion etc.

skullmcrex3725d ago

Im totally for what you say. The media and nanny state like people seem to not understand what is happining. These games, like any movie ot TV show have ratings. Now, the main way that underage children can play these games is if their parents get them it. So the parents should be punished for being so un responsable and buying their 12 year olds GTA4. I don't agree that kids will go out and follow the games that are not meant for them. But i think just like any movie or TV show its the responsibility of the parents to make sure minors arn't viewing this content which could mentally scar them or mess up their upbringing. I also beleive that more children see more un appopriate content through TV and films. But games do still have to be addressed.

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