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"In conjunction with the upcoming Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens – publishers have been seeking to revitalise the Star Wars intellectual property within the games industry. Disney Infinity relatively successfully integrated the Star Wars property into its toys to life brand, and we have EA Dice seeking to reboot the Starwars Battlefront series. Sadly, having being granted the opportunity to play the Beta for their new vision of Battlefront we found ourselves a little underwhelmed."

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venom061106d ago

Definitely fun to play... And will be even better with tweaks, fixes and a great smooth launch...The pew-pew run & gun casual (not complex) fun that folks have said they wanted. Folks whined and cried that they didn't want the over-complexity of BF4. The real "substance" comes in the form of full release of more maps, more guns, more Heros, more modes. Bring on the full release fun..

jmc88881106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

The funny thing is people don't even realize that the 'on rails' AT-AT isn't a new experience for EA multiplayer shooters. Battlefield 4 had the same thing (in fact multiple vehicles like this), and in fact, some of them allowed for two people to hop on board and decimate opponents. The difference was they were generally in the air. But they reigned down hell from above. ( I don't mean helicopters but big AC-130, etc)

They didn't get Walker Assault way wrong, Rebels can easily win multiple times in a row.

You can take down the AT-AT's (both of them) on the first Y wing raid session (there is THREE in the match).

They key is getting as many Y wings into the raid as possible, as you can sit there destroying the AT-AT's for quite a few minutes if you rack those up. Each Y wing at the top of the screen that is fueled = more time to wreck the AT-AT. The key is really getting a lot of them on that first zone. So get to those two uplinks fast (use your jump pack) and hold them. Shields are good, place cannon and anti vehicle cannon (or whatever) to hold that point. Proximity mines work great too! Also there is a turret by each uplink point at the beginning.

An Orbital Strike will almost single handedly take one of the AT-AT's out. Your team will likely get multiple of these. If the people that get them use them wrong, that's not a balance problem, it's a user problem. This will be much less of an issue as time goes on and people learn not to waste them and when and where TO use them.

On the third Y wing raid you can use the Snow Speeder to use a tow cable to take a AT-AT out, and in fact you can take out BOTH with one speeder, one right after the other. Oh and there is two snow speeders so really each one taking one out at the same time is possible.

Throw in the following any time the Walkers are vulnerable... ion shot, ion grenades, turrets, your regular weapons, crashing a flying vehicle into an AT-AT, rockets, and you have plenty of ways to defeat it as is.

They could tweak it a bit to make this slightly easier. Maybe the orbital strike spawns more frequently. Maybe they allow a 3rd speeder in the air. Maybe they give the Rebels a five second head start to get into position a little quicker... there are small things they can do, but overall it all comes down to the players.

Remember we're playing a beta, which means there are a lot of people who normally don't play multiplayer games, PLUS it's new... so the Beta isn't really representative of what will happen when people who own the game, and learn how to play the game, plays this mode.

If people know what they are doing, they can literally win with the Rebels way more then half the time. If they tweak it too much, this could very easily be a rebels win almost all the time.

PreAtaric1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Agreed. I played all weekend and the rebels never won, but people obviously didn't know what to do. My friend got on for the first time today and I told him we would most likely win as the Imperials… and the rebels won twice in a row. When we were rebels there was a small minority actually trying to activate the uplinks, but when we were Imperials the other team clearly knew what they were doing.

One thing I think would make a big difference is to change the color of the power ups. White power ups on a white background makes them harder to find than they should be. Also, they should have different appearances for different effects.

As for "spectacle without substance", that's exactly how I remember the old games. After reading all the complaints about "this isn't Battlefront" the game feels pretty much like the old games to me, with the obvious exception of no Conquest mode.

PuppetMaster2511106d ago

The title of the article sums up the beta perfectly. I had the impression that the fun would wear off pretty soon.