IGN MotorStorm Import Impressions

Sony Japan pushes a potentially killer title out the door too early.

"Based on its Japanese release (and I'll remind you that the version I'm writing about isn't the one that's due out in the West), Motorstorm is the most featureless racer I've ever played. There are only a couple of options, for adjusting the sound and screen and switching the motion sensor controls on and off. Missing are options for adjusting the number of opponents and track count, and such standard modes such as free run and time attack.

The game doesn't even have any form of multiplayer racing. While we knew about the lack of online in the Japanese version, there's no multiplayer what-so-ever, not even split screen!"

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Antan4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I certainly hope there are a few things that will make the US/EURO release, multiplayer aside! Good to know at least technically they think its one of the best things they have ever seen. If i was a Jap punter, i`d be a wee bit pissed, but still maybe they can fix and add a few things. I don`t think the framerate issues are worth mentioning judging by the vids posted earlier (the ones in HD). Look to have been ironed out for the most. Must do better, though it still interests me greatly.

Tut4325d ago

Agreed. This review makes me happy to be an American but then again I probabaly won't buy this game when I have the chance. I will definitely demo/rent it though! I would be extremely disappointed to not even be able to play split-screen multiplayer. There would be no sense in buying it except for on-line play... and they don't even have that! All well, I am in a completely different area so I will judge the final product I get. That writer is great. I haven't read a review that well-written for quite some time.

testerg354325d ago

Why even release it to the Japanese market? It's almost like selling them the demo of the game.

NextGen24Gamer4325d ago

Load times prior to the start of a race can take up to 45 seconds. Car selection requires that you wait for new car models to load up, and you can't even see your car's stats on the selection screen (the stats are available in the manual). It's exactly like the demo, and is unacceptable for a final product.

We look forward to playing the real version of Motorstorm early next year, and, based on the preview provided by the Japanese version, fully expect it to be one of the finest racing experiences ever.

Only problem with that last comment, is that the US version will be identical. Same graphics, same tracks, same cars....The only differnce will be the online multiplayer. Previews are always meant to hype games up. He expects it to be great. But don't they always expect more and then when sony releases the game...we get less. ALWAYS. And if this guy who previewed it with the official Japanese version actually reviews the US version. It won't get a good score as he clearly has high hopes for the US version. And believe it will be the same exact game but with multiplayer. WOW. Sony.....what are you doing? ha ha ha ha ha ha

JIN KAZAMA4325d ago

is there really something wrong with your head??

"We look forward to playing the real version of Motorstorm early next year, and, based on the preview provided by the Japanese version, fully expect it to be one of the finest racing experiences ever."

You are actually taking these words, and twisting them to mean somehting bad. Read the quote again idiot.
Also, a dumbass like you has the nerve to then say what the US version will have. Like you have any idea on what upgrades they will be making. You couldnt even write a simple for loop in c#, so stfu.

DC RID3R4324d ago

come on bro, lighten up a bit!!

we ALL know this is your game of the century.......BUT a bit of constructive criticism is a GOOD thing!!

i (personally) LOVE the way your vehicle flashes (like a dancehall strobe-light) every time you crash. FUKIN UNR3AL!! true NEXT-GEN SH*t bro!!!!

i just hope the jap kids don't get epilepsy fits(*picture* rolling around on the floor in an altered state) like they did with pokemon.

i'm sure this game will be a HUGE success jin.

but...YOU cannot stop the COLE-TRAIN.........BABY!

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