"UNO" : The bordello of broadband

Nothing extends the life of a good game like being able to play it online. And nothing ruins this experience like the morons who await you when you do.

That little disclaimer that tells you interactions online aren't rated by the ESRB was my first warning. (Actually, the jackass festival that defined the "Halo 2" online experience should have been my first warning. "It saddens me that even a company such as Bungie – which by all accounts is a group of intelligent artists and engineers with seemingly decent sensibilities – unwittingly inspired a loyal fanbase of trash-talking cavemen.)"

But Phoenix Games still goes online in search of intelligent life forms willing to enjoy a few hours of competitive gaming. Roughly 15 percent of the time Phoenix Games is successfully linked with a few decent human beings who like games and aren't racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive.

The rest of the time it's pretty horrid out there.

If you're reading this you likely know what Phoenix Games is talking about. However, the gaining popularity of USB cameras incorporated into online gaming is where the future of bad behavior lives. "I know I'm late to the party on this one but I finally got the Xbox Live Vision camera and a copy of UNO when I renewed my Xbox Live membership."

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GiantEnemyCrab4349d ago

Take personal responsibility and block the user and you will never see them again. There are morons everywhere, but unless you plan on changing the social behavior of the world taking action yourself is the best option.

outlawlife4349d ago

i play uno quite regularly and find the games rather calm

either this guy has bad luck or he goes looking for creeps

the oddest thing i came across was a guy dressed like the scream killer dancing while playing, other than that no nudity or anything else outta line