PS3 BioShock's 'survivor mode' finally explained

After revealing special Trophies a couple days ago for the "survivor mode" in PS3's port of BioShock, developer 2K Marin finally saw fit yesterday to explain what the new setting is all about. The wait was definitely not worth it as the PS3 "exclusive" mode isn't much more than a very hard difficulty level for the game.

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IzKyD13314355d ago

was anyone else hoping that survivor mode was some way, shape or form of multiplayer?

rroded4355d ago

arnt there new areas too?

SixTwoTwo4355d ago

This game better be $40 at launch. Theres no way I'm paying $60 for a year old PORT, when I get the same exact game (minus Survivor Mode oh-noes) on the PC for $30.

STARS4355d ago

If this is all 2k Marin and company add in the PS3 version, I'm personally cool with that. I might be in the minority here, but I've never played BioShock. On that note, I want to see what all the fuss is about and why this game got several Game of the Year accolades on 360.

TheHater4355d ago

Bioshock was one of the best game last year. It was the best game I personally played last year. But the redesign the Big Daddies, and add other features as well.

IzKyD13314355d ago

i've played it, and my one argument is that it eventually ends (but you'll probably beat it atleast twice)

Lew_Ijgee4355d ago

And I had planned to play it again when released on PS3 so a harder play mode is welcomed by me.

Also the Hard setting of the original release wasn't really hard at all once you get further into the game.

bluecapone4355d ago

bioshock is well worth the wait for millions of us ps3 owners who never played the game before

u got owned4355d ago

I could not have said it better. A game like this is worth the wait. I have it on 360 and is one of the best games I have played this gen.

Overr8ed4355d ago

Why are 3 great PS3 games coming out in October. Bioshock, Socom, LBP. WTH?! i forced to buy one and i want all 3 of them. I buy LBP first, Then Bioshock for a later date and Socom is getting left out. that suxs.

IzKyD13314355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

heres my recccomendation:
buy LBP and socom, and rent bioshock......socom will last ALOT longer than bioshock in terms of play time

bioshock= 20 hour story mode
socom= days and days worth of play time

and lets not forget Resistance 2 is coming only a month after:)

Panthers4355d ago

Socom is priority for me. It has been since the PS3 came out. I will just have to make enough to get them all though.

bunbun7774355d ago

Lets not forget two more titles that will be rockin-

Fallout 3 and Saints Row 2- looks like a lot of fun fun fun.

poopsack4355d ago

Possibly Motorstorm as well, and Naruto which is a great game, followed by resistance, which comes out at the beggiining of November. Yay, october the month of me!

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PimpHandStrong4355d ago

Bio Shock

Socom was one of the main reasons i bought a PS3

God of War

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The story is too old to be commented.