Gamasutra In-Depth: Bungie On Eight Years Of Halo AI

The "30 seconds of fun" model Bungie has used to describe Halo's design mentality has been cited countless times.

During a recent programming keynote at the Develop conference in Brighton, Bungie's Damian Isla framed that model in terms of AI, and shared with the audience a number of AI development stories drawn from throughout the series.

"I would guess that it's one of the most sophisticated AI systems out there," said Isla of his studio's work on Halo. But he then noted that the series' AI is not so much an attempt to create a true artificial intelligence as it is a system to facilitate "a player experience," an experience that has been under "constant revision."

That experience hinges on the "30 seconds of fun" -- the notion that you can put "200 or 300 of these experiences laid back to back and you can make a game out of that."

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foodbox4355d ago

Without a doubt the AI in Halo is some of the best in gaming.

The units will circle you, take cover, wait until you've moved, they'll flank you -- they are simply terrific.

I found myself thinking "damn you bastard" more in Halo than any game I've played.

Its a tour-de-force, and more than deserves all the praise, awards, sales and fans that it has.

Without a doubt, the Halo series has been on of the best series of games in gaming history.

Rhezin4355d ago

and execute orders, it's pretty amazing. I hope they keep making halo games till it comes outta their ears.