You Will Never, Ever Game On This 40-Foot Rig (With 27 HD Monitors)

One of Kotaku's readers - who would prefer to remain nameless - installs PC rigs for a living. He helped install this one, in a government office, then proceeded to do what anyone confronted by twenty-seven 67" HD monitors would do - he played a ton of BioShock and WoW on it. For reference, 27 panels equates to a display that's 40 feet wide and 15 feet high, with a desktop resolution of, oh, 12600 x 3150.

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Alexander Roy4351d ago

Holy F'ing Sh't!!

On a second thought, what kind of a PC do you need to push playable speeds at that resolution? Anyway, awesome.

IzKyD13314351d ago

a government PC i guess?

DaKid4351d ago

Is this what heaven is like?

Mainman4351d ago

I think playing games on that would just give me a headache.

IzKyD13314351d ago

im wondering what government office thinks that a 40 foot screen is actually necessary....

Skerj4351d ago

I'd play EVE Online ALL the time on that thing.

jonboi244351d ago

I wonder if even a government owned computer has enough power to run Crysis on its highest settings?

Alexander Roy4351d ago

I can see the new ad campaign now:

"Crysis - makes even a BlueGene cry like a little b'tch"

jonboi244351d ago

Hahaha bubbles up for you

centrum2k4351d ago

prefect for rts like the sins of the solar empire.

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