COG’s Big List of The Scariest Games of All Time, Proceed With Caution

COG writes: No Halloween is complete without a descent into virtual terror. We assemble this list of the scariest games of all time that have left us shaking in our boots crying for momma.

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generalwinter2080d ago

Nice list - I will definitely try The Evil Within, that looks freaky.

MRBIGCAT2080d ago

I wish I could have played PT. Damn you Konami!

Digital_Anomaly2080d ago

There were a couple spots in there that I quite nearly shit myself. No joke.

Yui_Suzumiya2080d ago

Yeah I know. I finally got a PS4 in July after it'd already been removed :(

MercilessDMercer2080d ago

Interesting choice of Silent Hill 4 over 2! This is also a lengthy list of games that will give me an anxiety attack

Paulhammer2080d ago

PT scared the s*** out of me. Such a shame.