Vince Desi of Running with Scissors Lashes out at the Beast that has become E3

Running with Scissors President Vince Desi lashes out at game companies for the state of E3 and the loss of direction for game companies.

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kingme714352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

I keep hearing how E3 is bad, but what is it that is wrong with it? I saw upwards of 40 games on display via G4 and websites and heard all the big console companies talk about direction. As a gamer, I got what I wanted out of it (without actually being there).

Vince didn't really say much in this blurb about what was wrong other than it was.

Demo the games, talk about them, unveil a few surprises, talk about consoles, etc. Other then a lack of surprises, everything else was there and surprises are really just icing.

Garethvk4352d ago

E3 vwas such a bloated mess that it is a dying con. PAX, and others have surpassed it, and many companies no longer come to E3. This year was a bit better, but they became more on style than substance. The goal is to see the games and talk with developers, and sadly booth babes, and the show became so important, that you could not see the games and talk with developers as easy as you could at other conferences.