Umbrella Corps Isn't Resident Evil 7, But That's OK - IGN Conversation

We played Resident Evil's take on PVP shooters. Did we like it?

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scark922672d ago

Well it is ok that is NOT resi7, id be even more pissed xD

pompombrum2672d ago

I think it would have been okay as a side project but to go up on stage and talk up the 20th anniversary while celebrating it with this game feels like an insult to long term fans of the series. If they announced that they were planning on doing a RE3 remake and then showcased this trailer, fans would have been far happier.

traqueia2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

There is still a long way before Capcom announces something like a RE3 remake, they are still doing the RE2 one...

As for Umbrella Corps, I'm not happy that it carries the RE brand, but judging the game on it's on, I think that it's doing fine tbh, aside from the jerky animations...