BioShock movie won't be "Kate Hudson hunting for pirate treasure," says Levine

VG247: Big-shot Hollywood film guy Gore Verbinski "gets" the BioShock franchise. Ken Levine told us so last week. So don't expect pretty blondes with unsmudged make-up impaling themselves on muscle-bound dunderheads in the screen adaptation of the 2K Boston game.

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ThichQuangDuck3724d ago

Hopefully this moving will be awesome it definitley has the potential

Rich16313724d ago

This will be great. Gore Verbinski is a superb director who did a wonderful job with The Ring, The Weather Man and the Pirates series. And it's being written by John Logan who did (The Last Samurai, The Aviator, Sweeney Todd, and Gladiator).

Hunter24583724d ago

Director only directs the actors, he hardly controls the film at all. Who's the producer?

Rich16313724d ago

Ugh, no you got it WAY WRONG. A director has complete creative control on the film; from top to bottom they run the show and manage everything. Their job is bring the screenplay to life essentially. They hire/fire whoever they want to assist them in the task. A producer acts in the interest of the studio and themselves to make the most money possible. That is why you often hear about producers and directors clashing. The producer wants to keep the film on track for release, on budget and make the most money possible since they are often forking over money from their own studio like Bruckheimer's studio "Jerry Bruckheimer Films", Speilberg's "Amblin Productions", Ridley Scott's "Scott Free Production" etc. There is a lot more to it then directing actors. Whenever a CGI artist or composer hands the director their work, if it wasn't what the director feels is right for the film and "their vision" (they often call it) then it gets scraped. A director has a lot pull on the production and their style is all over the film and portrays their vision.

Diugu3724d ago


What, exactly, is wrong with Kate Hudson in a bikini chasing treasures?