Travelers Tales States Spiderman Is Not Needed In Lego Marvel Avengers, Lego Dr. Who Game Possible

During our interview with Travelers Tales at New York Comic Con 2015, Lead Director Arthur Persons stated that Spiderman is not needed in Lego Marvel Avengers. When asked specifically about it, Persons claimed, "Our roster, at the moment, doesn't necessarily need that character."

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P_Bomb1106d ago

Wait, what?! Why isnt Spidey included while niche scrubs like Sentry are? Spider-man was Marvel's merchandising MVP last year. With him joining the MCU in next year's Cap3: Civil War movie on top of that, there's no excuse. The game is based on the MCU movies after all. Make it futureproof

NewMonday1105d ago

Activsion has the rights I think

Yumekichigai1105d ago

There is no excuse not to include Spidey!

Beetey1105d ago

Not including Spiderman would be lazy, stupid, and likely to cause backlash. I honestly can't imagine that they would actually be ignorant enough to do it, especially with him joining the MCU.

itsjustexuma1105d ago

They'll add Spider-Man to the Season Pass

DiaperFace1105d ago

Spiderman is the best Marvel hero. It is as bad as DC without him.

dangerousbrian01105d ago

You can tell this is just a click bait article as the information is incorrect as its not Telltale games that make the lego games its Travelers Tales that make the lego games always has been.

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