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Gamespot: I once had hopes of becoming an astronaut, but if Elite: Dangerous for the Xbox One serves as any indication, it's probably a good thing that little dream didn't pan out. I spent around 20 minutes crashing into hulls before I managed to dock my ship. I overshot my destinations in space more times than I care to count. I spent five minutes blasting space barrels without even being sure if I was doing it right.

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user99502793205d ago

it really is a confusing game. once you get the hang of the many many unexplained systems it can be a ton of fun. personally I love it if for no other reason than it does a great job simulating the vastness and beauty of outer space. Sometimes can be visually awe inspiring and cause ones inner geek to explode. combat can be fun too, and working to get a great ship and outfit it properly for combat is good fun. My current goal is to get to Sol (easier said than done....WAY easier)

also I've never experienced anything even remotely close to this on consoles which is REALLY neat. joins a host of genres I've only just experienced this gen (moba, mmorpg...). great time for console gamers imo.


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PlayStation Plus Just Quietly Released the Chillest Space Exploration Game

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anast275d ago

This is a great space exploration game.

Markdn275d ago

Shame it's no longer supported though, :(

anast275d ago

A revive might be needed.

MrNinosan275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

What do you mean by quietly?
They announced it last week along the other games that was released yesterday on PS+ Extra/Premium.

GamerRN274d ago

They are trying to make it look like a casual drop, while trying to make it look like it outshines Starfield.

ModsDoBetter275d ago

Great game, sadly abandoned by the developers due to the different version it ran compared to PC.

Plenty of hours to be had, we just miss out on a bunch of cool features and story development compared to PC players.

raWfodog274d ago

I was bummed when they announced they wouldn’t be bringing Odyssey to consoles. That was when I really began losing active interest in the game. Up until then, I already had about 800 hours invested in the game.

PunksOnN4G275d ago

Nah I'm good this the dev team that had console plans then decided not to and only work on the PC version why would I support a trash company

z2g275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

its ok. its def a pc game that made its way to console randomly. been out for a few years so its not exactly "new".

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