PSX Extreme: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Video games based on movies – with a few recent exceptions in The Bourne Conspriacy and Kung Fu Panda – are typically awful, but over the past few years, someone forgot to tell Traveller's Tales. They have always produced solid, entertaining LEGO titles based on popular movie franchises, and they almost never let us down. This time, they take a shot at one of the most lucrative series in film history, Indiana Jones. Being quite familiar with previous Traveller's titles, we dived into LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures with gusto, and for the most part, we weren't disappointed. This is just about what we expected with the possible exception of some frustrating parts and minor control issues, and if you've got a friend who's a big Indy fan, it offers a great cooperative adventure mode. Furthermore, the developers never sacrifice replay-ability and depth for the cutesy, comedic presentation, so just about everyone should be satisfied with this particular production."

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