Zynga's Sponsored Play Turns In-Game Adverts into Actual Games

Zynga, creators of Words With Friends and Farmville, have announced that they are launching a new form of advertising in mobile gaming, Sponsored Play. The company will use their own in-house team, Studio E, to develop short games as adverts for products, that, when played, may give players in-game items or currency.

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GamerGabs1104d ago

Not quite sure how I feel about this. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

HRD_Games1104d ago

Seems like the next logical step for in-game adverts, just leaves a sour taste in my mouth somewhat. Who knows how this trend will spread?

Yukes1104d ago

Zynga are the masters of this sort of invasive somehow insidious advertising.

Shillmeister1104d ago

Not sure how to feel about this, a little somewhat unexpected imo. Could have potential if done correctly, but it likely won't be done well so will just annoy instead!

joedom1104d ago

So now not only do I have sit through an unskippable advert, but now I have to play them? Zynga, you crafty money-grabbing gits

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