More than Just Bikes in Burnouts "Davis" update

According to Jeremy Chubb from Criterion, the upcoming software update, "Davis" (now known as "Bikes Pack"), will be completely free of charge, along with a whole host of other things.

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aftrdark213728d ago

Loving the updates. Been playing a lot of Burnout recently.

Game On!

spunnups3728d ago

have really been supporting their user bases, looking forward to more from these games. trophies for both warhawk and burnout coming soon.

SilPho3728d ago

Trophies are coming between Cagney and Davis in an as of yet unnamed PS3 only patch.

Vip3r3728d ago

I thought they said the trophies would be released at the end of August?

Fishy Fingers3728d ago

Sorry, I cant understand one word in there, perhaps one of you could help me out, "free". Whats that?


Skerj3728d ago

Criterion must not want me to EVER play another car related game again. I've got like 110 hours on my Burnout Paradise save and I still have quite a few cars to obtain and a lot of road rules and showtimes to do. I have almost all of the Paradise awards though so when trophies come in it'll be payday. Now, with the bikes and night time Paradise is going to be that much more fun.

mfwahwah3728d ago

It took me like... less than a third of that time to get 100% lol

Anyway, this game is worth way more than the $60 I paid, and I've heard it's going for $30 at a lot of places now, it'd be foolish not to buy this game.

Skerj3728d ago

I boot it up often to just drive around and learn the map and to try to find all the smashes, jumps, and billboards and freeburn online. I have all the jumps, 5 smashes left, and 5 billboards left. Still 72 events away from being Elite. ..

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The story is too old to be commented.