IGN: Halo Could Learn from COD 4

UK, August 6, 2008 - Bungie's lead AI programmer Damian Isla has spoken out about the merits of Call of Duty 4, stating that the Halo series could learn from Infinity Wards' highly acclaimed modern war shooter.

"I think it's a great game and single player obviously is fantastic," said Isla in an interview with gamesindustry.biz, "They did a hell of a job with their set pieces, of scripting certain moments that they were really sure the player was going to actually see and experience first hand. The way that they use those moments to craft the player experience...Halo has a lot to learn from."

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Fishy Fingers5820d ago

Alternately, you could read the full interview here > http://www.gamesindustry.bi...

It even says right there in the caption "in an interview with gamesindustry.biz".

jtucker785820d ago

Sorry Fishy, I should have gone straight to the source.

My bad.

Yemeni Xrats Killer5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

it will in fact, because MS can never bring something new and innovative to the xrats nation so they turn to buy GAYLOW 2.5 so they can say
"we have the best game ever with the best sales ever and its killing ur MGS4 movie game with sale""

MS is going down along with the xrats nation with my spray!!!

i wonder how the xrats nation faces will be when MS announce they r quitting the gaming industry?? wait does rats shows expressions on their faces?? any way i bet they will all cancel their accounts or will switch to wii which they r claiming its a FAD system!!

Shane Kim5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

Gaylo and COD4...two of the most overrated games of all time. On second thought, COD4 is a fine game.

Acidicpack5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

I think Both games could learn from each other, Both in there own right are great games. Halo has as of now more DLC in the form of maps. COD4 has a great Ranking system that rewards the player as they lvl up.

As I have said in the past. Both are great games and I enjoy them both for what they are and have give to us as gamers.

IzKyD13315820d ago

cod4 needs clan support and all the bugs need to be fixed, cant comment on halo as i've only played it once

elitewh0re5820d ago

"COD4 has a great Ranking system that rewards the player as they lvl up" it has an inventive system i'll agree and it's a great hook where weapons are only unlocked at certain levels, however, the leveling system is seriously flawed... you still get exp for team killing an entire match...

InMyOpinion5820d ago

COD 4 had pretty weak AI, and spawning enemies who moved into the same position over and over. It felt terribly scripted, which I hated. Run to position A, fire at enemies for 10 seconds, run to position B, repeat.

I think both could learn from Bad Company, which has fenomenal AI that actually works. The enemies are quick to react and they'll flank you if you camp.

Dareaver15820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

then i'm o.k. I've played CoD4 on norma, thought it was awesome and that i might want to get some more achievements, so i decided to play it on Veteran. That's where i found CoD4's fatal flaw. The scripted events and unlimited spawning enemies is horrible. I lost interest after i got most of the way through.

I hope Bungie keeps Halo's sandbox AI driven gameplay. It limited CoD4's replay value (at least for me), i've played Halo 3 more times then i can count, mostly the main campaign w/o my online friends because i just love missions, but that's the kind of player i am. But the scripted events and extremely limited AI of CoD4 made my experience with the game go sour.

Not only that, the AI in CoD4 is omnipotent, i don't like games like that. I like games in which the AI reacts to me, not knows where i am at and every move i make. As soon as the AI is on alert in CoD4, they know your every move, and with the infinite spawn feature on Veteran, it makes the gameplay less dynamic.

They are both great games in my opinion, but they are also different; and should stay that way. We don't need a bunch of games the same....

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na2ru15820d ago

No gameplay changes. No new moves. Graphics only had slight edge over Halo.

Halo 2 have 7-8/10 for being too outdated.

Halo 3 gets 10? Wow thats a remarkable expansion pack. 3 years in the making!

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EazyC86d ago

MW was an excellent videogame. They messed up Spec Ops big time, but aside from this it was a huge step in the right direction initially. Most notably, at launch it seemed to come from a very cohesive creative vision that was felt across gameplay, to story to art style/visual direction. It was also very notably written by prominent ex-Naughty Dog guys that quit almost immediately before release.

That COMPLETELY dissolved through post-launch content and the full pivot to a "cross-mode" narrative that completely obliterated the cohesion in overall story direction. Warzone then "became" the new face of Call of Duty and the franchise completely removed itself from anything remotely creatively "good". It is a pure money machine, so I kinda get why they're doing it....but I personally completely lost interest.

I would love to see Infinity Ward move off CoD and get to make their own product with full control. They clearly have some massive talent in their ranks but it's perverted by Activision's corporate interests.


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HellspawnPR1981186d ago

Infinite is a dumpster fire and as much as I like ODST, in no universe it ranks above Halo 2. This list is trash.

Kaii185d ago

Just exclude Infinite>5>4