Siliconera interviews Konami's Gregg Nolan - Info on Elebits and Dewy sequels

Spencer writes for Siliconera:

"Elebits is one of Konami's new franchises born on the Wii, but it's coming to the DS later this year. However, Elebits: Adventures of Kai & Zero is completely different from the room destruction simulator Konami released in 2006. The DS game is a touch screen action RPG where you solve puzzles with the assistance of magical Elebits. What happened? Gregg Nolan, Product Manager at Konami, took the time to explain the developmental shift and give us a glimpse into the future of the Elebits series."

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PS360WII3883d ago

Nice Elebits could become a solid franchise. This action rpg sounds pretty cool with some stuff like finding and collecting elebits while adding more story and gameplay elements in the DS version ^^

Even talks of making another Wii title! Great news I liked the first Elebits and this DS game sounds pretty cool as well. Crazy that they are even talking of another Dewys adventure too.