Fifa 09 Gameplay - Spain v Brazil

Here's two new gameplay videos of Fifa09 taken from the Spanish Campus Party 2008. Better version after the jump.

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jinn3727d ago

my money is on spain

Ice2ms3726d ago

Mine 2. I put even more money on torres to score first

rekonizakilla3726d ago

always has sucked . Every year it plays a bit like last year's pro evo.Which is definitely the best football game you can buy

trydis3726d ago

Guess you never tried pes 2008, which was a comedy, especially online. This year, the gap will widen even more, in favour of fifa. Pes used to be my favourite, but not anymore

fermcr3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Pes used to be better then FIFA... but not anymore. Fifa 09 looks very promising. I'm talking about the console version, the PC version of Fifa is a piece of crap.

madmike3726d ago

fifa 08 what a great game can t wait for the football to start only 10 days to go and i think fifa 09 is out in october. 1st day buy for me ps go gunners i would love my team to come first but we may come 4th or 3rd this year

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farhsa20083726d ago

are you guys fu**ing nuts! this game is so far behind PES its laughable, look at how unrealistic the game runs at, the ball animations are even more laughable, to the fool who said fifa is ahead of Pro evo- have you ever played a pro evo game? what kind of punk are you, i bet you prefer "Soccer" over "football"

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