Loads Of New Square Enix Screens (FF, Kingdom Hearts)

Screenshots at the jump.

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Bombibomb3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I want Versus and Parasite Eve 3 so bad.

DevastationEve3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I remember parasite eve. it was a cool game, though the chrysler tower was tuff. i'd buy that game again, definitely. and this new one...if it gets it right. there's just something about the first one that stuck with me for a long while. i stopped by AFI back in 2000~2001 and they had these pamphlets that had tiny screens of some of the CG FMVs from this game in the corners of the pages. it was cool.

slave2Dcontroller3752d ago

Nice Looking stuff. Maybe one day we will ACTUALLY be able to play it(FFXIII and FFXIII Versus).

Rybnik3752d ago

XIII demo, March 09'! Not so far away....
ah who am I kidding that's a month after KZ2 comes out:(
So long wait...

slave2Dcontroller3752d ago

are we even going to get that demo here in the US without localisation being done for US and Europe AFTER the Japan version is complete?

I'm kinda worried about this and no one as far as I've read has confirmed if it will be availible anywhere outside of Japan.

cloud 2793751d ago

these are not the new pics for (FF13 & FF V13). These have been posted previously already. Nothing new for these games. For others am not exactly sure.