Halo 3 on top for the third week in a row, how does Master Chief keep coming back?

One of the major questions being asked at the moment by the games industry is "How does Halo 3 keep bouncing back to top the charts once again?" After suffering at the hands of Call of Duty 4 for months on end, Halo 3 has made a comeback to claim the number 1 spot for the 'Xbox 360 Top Live Titles' three weeks in a row. We investigate why Halo 3 has made such a strong comeback and whether Master Chief's spree will continue or will his legs finally give out once and for all.

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Superfragilistic5298d ago

IMO this is a hell of a lot more interesting than a Top 10 list! At least they try to explain why Halo's had a resurgence.

littletad5298d ago

Most people who bought Halo either thought it was more of the same and probably ignored the Forge and it's new feature. They probably thought the multiplayer was fun but that's all there is, which actually isn't true. So I can't really blame them if they weren't interested. But if you create an account at or use your xbox account, and actually look at the commmunity file share, you'll find a pretty surprising amount of user generated content. That's my only guess as to why people are going back to Halo 3.

edhe5298d ago (Edited 5298d ago )

..that's why.

They change around the maps when they're proven stale, by moving items. They change around playlists, they have weekend events, the gameplay's pretty straightforward and rewarding and there's 'leveling up' not to mention new maps.

It's pretty organic, keeps updating, never stays the same. Other devs should learn from screenshotting, game saving and externalising the items/weapons from the map itself to give them the ability to tweak things constantly.

Halo3 is a very dynamic MP game, there's no end to the variations of game you can have.

Not to mention the slick (if sometimes slow) partying system, turns nights into random events of varied banter.

5298d ago
Ace Killa 085297d ago

your right bout the updates online. with out them the game would be the same as it was when it came out last year, though it is sad to say that COD4 dint do that and now its in second.

hey anyone notice geometry wars 2 is in there? i dont think that game counts to be on the top 10?

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clintos595298d ago

Great game and all but it can only last so long. Also I think a bunch of those people who are also wanting to play something online are waiting patiently for the arrival of gears of war 2, waiting to get online and use people as meat shields. Should be tons of fun owning u all on there. :P

etownone5298d ago (Edited 5298d ago )

so if COD4 is getting stale... couldn't the same be said Halo3?
what about Halo2 that was #1 online game for how many years?

people just can't admit halo 3 multiplayer is crazy fun and addicting.

and yeah.. looking forward to gears2 too, best multiplayer game i ever played. that game was like crack... once i start i couldn't stop.

thor5298d ago

Yes but I must have played COD4 for 50 hours, tops (on PC), and I got to the maximum level. In fact, on most servers everyone was at the maximum level aside from maybe 1 or 2 people. So there's no incentive to play more. On warhawk I've player over 100 hours and I'm still not halfway up the ranks. All the people at the top rank have played at least 1000 hours. That's why I've stopped playing COD4 and am playing warhawk again. So I imagine with halo 3 it's a similar thing.

SixZeroFour5297d ago

yea, i agree with thor...i would think that by now about 90% of the ppl have reached lvl 55 10th prestige and theres nothing to do anymore

ape0075298d ago (Edited 5298d ago )

the best thing about halo 3 IMO is online play

I hope halo4's campaign is as good and excellent campaign as halo 1

halo 1 co-op rulez,never gets old

poopsack5298d ago

"how does Master Chief keep coming back?"

he doesnt, its the same comeback he had three weeks ago, its just the 4th article written since he did. lol I know thats not what they mean.

solidsnakus5298d ago

halos the best i tell ya. well be playing this game till halo 4 comes out.

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