Soul Calibur 4 sells 2 million worldwide

Namco Bandai Games confirmed Soul Calibur 4 has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide since its release a week ago(Until August 4th)

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sonarus4349d ago

wow didn't see it doing that well.

kingOVsticks4349d ago

because alot of gamers have been dying for a really good fighting game.Not only that its really fun from the online to the character creation.Namco deserve the sales....despite them cutting corners for not implementing rumble,crappy story mode and releasing expensive DLC the same week the game came out >_< 15 bucks for old soulcaiber games stage songs? come on now namco seriously WTF

RememberThe3574349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

...what else is there to play right now? I mean I'm still playing COD4 off the hook, its still summer guys.

Rybnik4349d ago

Yeah, this timeframe is crazy!

Harry1904349d ago

What matters on N4G is not how many it sold,but on which console it sold better. I am pretty sure I know which one it is.

Harry1904349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

Nevermind. Some people have not understood what I meant in the initial post. So,no worries.

psycho3604349d ago

Wating for your esteemed revelation

mistertwoturbo4349d ago

So based on which version sold better, how many cookies do they send you for your guess? What??? No cookies? I thought they gave special treatment for special kids.

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Milkman5414349d ago

2 million already? Wow I'm kinda a doubter on that...

psycho3604349d ago

Its multiplat what do you expect? 2million shipped?

Superfragilistic4349d ago

I'm not surprised by the success given it's multiplatform, an established franchise, fills in an empty genre (for the time being), and has marketed the Star Wars angle very effectively... But I do wonder whether they are shipped or retail figures, because there is a world of difference... If only I could read Namco's Japanese report. :(

Overr8ed4349d ago

In One Week! wow. i would buy it but i dont have any money :(

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The story is too old to be commented.