Namco Already Ripping Off Soul Calibur Fans

Soul Calibur IV just got released, and downloadable content has started to appear on both PS Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. Usually, any gamer would be excited to see new content go live when you're buying a game...but once again, Namco is repeating the same strategy used on Beautiful Katamari and Ace Combat 6: downloadable content milkage.

Customization equipment #1 (armours, headgears) - 100 Microsoft Points (1.45$)
Downloadable Music complete set - 1200 Microsoft Points (15$)
Downloadable music tracks (1 - 17) - 80 Microsoft Points each (.99$)

Yes...downloadable tracks from the original Soul Calibur to listen while you fight. Hey Namco, I have a request for you: why don't you spend some time fixing the multiplayer lagging instead of selling bandanas and capes?

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lodossrage4360d ago

Can't they just download the soundtracks online and just play it through their game system?

It's not as if soundtracks are hard to download from places (or p2p) on the net

sehnsucht4360d ago

I THINK Namco may have chosen not to allow this (on PS3 anyway) for exactly that reason. But then again, I don't have the game, so I don't know for sure.

r2kcipher4360d ago

+bubbles rammstein ftw

its sad how we pay $60 for a game. and get treated like this. i guess ea aren't the only ripoffs!!

incogneato4360d ago

boycott this garbage. there is no excuse for this aside from cheating customers.

Megaton4360d ago

That's how I feel about it. DLC is cool and all, but if you're releasing it literally 2 days after launch, you guys could have easily put it in the game and not charged extra for it.

micro_invader4360d ago

Totally agree. Developers are taking advantage of DLC being introduced to consoles, it's disgusting.

Harry1904360d ago

DLC,there is already enough content in the game. I am satisfied.

Shortstop4360d ago

I guess next time they will be sure to include less then with the original purchase!

Really though, it is sad that gamers are obviously willing to pay these fees (I'm calling them fees because they should be accessible from the getgo). They wouldn't charge them unless people were buying them, so apparently people are buying them. I don't see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

I blame Nintendo for making gaming so market-oriented. The Wii proved games can be a real money maker, and now everyone is trying to cash in.

arngrim2294360d ago

i want a 10$ DLC that has 1000 extra equipment pieces!!!!!!

there was so much more in SCIII

RAM MAGNUMS4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

on psn its $1.49 plus tax.
with m$ points its 100 points! How do you get a hundred points?!
oh you have to buy 600 points. Plus tax!

Ps3 is fine. No hidden charges. Droids use their Internet to go online for

microsoft is the reason for ripping people off no matter how you
slice it. Be a gold member!



bots can't add.

Namco & M$ is getting rich off of you. I love it.
ps3 can download the entire soundtrack free on its
browser! I don't pay montly either.
1.49 is nothing. For xbox 1.49 means $6.95!

I could even download the soundtrack on a computer
at work to a USB flash drive & import it on ps3.
Its at the playstationstore website.

Its even funnier to know all the extra megabytes these
downloads are taking on the xbox plastic hardrive!

FantasyStar4360d ago

As much flamebait this is, it's the truth. Unlike XBL PSN only takes what's necessary from your credit card. XBL you have to buy pre-set amounts which may be cheaper on PSN because PSN isn't restricted by a pricing structure.

projectile4360d ago

If you have an x360 you can download the tracks on any windows computer on your network steam it to you x360 while playing the game.

you dont even have to use the xbox harddrive :) even core users can do this.

PS3 can't play costom music in Soul Calibur IV, and because of that you have no workaround.

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The story is too old to be commented.