Mark Wahlberg Injured by Unruly Wiimote

Mark Wahlberg was spotted with his hand wrapped from a recent injury. Did he bust himself up during one of his diving slo-motion gun battles on the set of Max Payne, or perhaps from punching someone in the face with extreme Funky Bunchedness? Nope, turns out he took a crack on the wrist doing something far more dangerous: playing Wii Sports.

In an interview with British movie magazine Total Film, The Mark explained his injury...

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Silogon3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

But.. but he said he doesn't play games, remember? Stupid a$$! I never did like this guy and now I hate him even more that he's a hypocrite, lying dong stasher.

What's even more amazing to me is this guy still gets work and even landed the role of Max Payne, whom he looks nothing like and damn sure doesn't sound like.

Steven Webber would've killed in this role and no one can tell me differently. It's like Hollywood finds a property and then cast the 100% polar opposite in them.

They're talking Hugh Jackman for Snake??? Good actor, for what he does, but he doesn't look a damn thing like Snake. Trevor St'John is a spittin' image of Snake when he hasn't shaved and not only that he's 10x's the better actor as Jackman, only he's not as well known. Same with Webber, that guy would have been Max Payne. He looks like him, he talks like him.

Shame Hollywood lost so much of their talent to the strike, cause they can't even hire good casting directors anymore.

Twizlex3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Wow, that seemed a little much. The Wii doesn't count anyways because it's for "casual gamers" and we all know you can't get addicted to "casual" stuff... like casual sex. Right?

I don't see what's wrong with Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne. And saying whether or not someone looks like Max Payne doesn't mean anything because Max Payne looked different in each game. At least it's not Vin Diesel or something.

Crying about casting directors? Are you a struggling actor or something, pissed off that more famous people keep stealing your roles?

- world3729d ago

I am in agreement with what Silogon has said.

Steven Webber is a great actor & anyone who has seen Late last Night can see this. He also looks very much like the original actor who played him in the game.

Good eye so bubbles for you.

Zerodin3729d ago

Flavor Flav jumped out of a bowl of rice, and cracked him in the butthole really HARD with the remote exclaiming, "YEAH BOI!"

Twizlex3729d ago

Huh? If he was cracked on the butthole, as you say, why would he wrap up his wrist?

Harry1903729d ago

that the stuntman has a dangerous job.
He did not follow the instructions: 'Kids,don't do this at home'

jinn3729d ago

he should sue nintendo

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