Resident: Evil Umbrella Corps is more than a half-arsed attempt to jump on the FPS bandwagon | VG247

Resident Evil is a franchise out of its time. The things that seem so wonderful in your fuzzy pink memories fail to shift units in modern games, and attempts to update the series for a broad audience have not been received joyfully by fans or critics.

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poppinslops2673d ago

I dunno - to me it looks EXACTLY like a half-arsed attempt to jump on the FPS bandwagon... also, that 4g247 link doesn't work.

Capcom appear to have taken notice of the RE:UC's overwhelmingly negative reception, as they are already teasing RE7... here's hoping it's not another FPS.

ChronoJoe2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

These comments and article title come as rather comical, because it's quite clearly a third, not first person shooter. So it's very hard to consider how it attempts to jump onto the first-person shooter band wagon, given the different perspective.

poppinslops2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Actually, it's both... if you watch the trailer, you'll notice some FPS gunplay - though it can be difficult to distinguish amidst those muddy-brown early last-gen graphics.

Resident Evil has finally crossed the Rubicon and turned into an action-packed craptacular - no doubt Capcom are hoping some of CoD's zombies (by which I mean CoD fans) will throw some $$$ their way... hence my 'high' hopes for RE7.

ChronoJoe2673d ago

If you can switch to a first person perspective at particular moments, that doesn't make it an FPS though.

Same way Metal Gear Solid, Tom Clancies Ghost Recon, Uncharted, Gears of War (where you switch to first person with guns with a scope), are not first person shooters either.

poppinslops2673d ago

Now you're arguing semantics... the game is still half-arsed cash-in.

Or do you actually think this looks good?

ChronoJoe2672d ago

I think it looks okay. Better than Socom 4 was. Not many even semi-decent TPS around, and the zombie suppressant packs and how that interacts with the shooter mechanics look interesting.

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yewles12673d ago

"Resident: Evil Umbrella Corps is LITTLE more than a half-arsed attempt to jump on the FPS bandwagon"


_LarZen_2673d ago

It looks horrible regardless of nostalgia for the old Resident Evil games.