The Conduit - Split-screen multiplayer and bots may be implemented

At this point in development, no one is doubting High Voltage Software's dedication. The team has expressed very sincere thoughts and are literally pulling off every trick they can to make The Conduit one of the best games on Wii. On that note, High Voltage Software is doing their best to create a great online experience, too. HVS CCO Eric Nofsinger recently replied to a message regarding split-screen multiplayer and bots. He did not provide a concrete response, but did mention that they are possibilities. "Thanks for contacting. We are trying our hardest to have as many modes as possible. Our main criterion is that anything that goes in must be stellar quality."

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Zerodin4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

But I do hope they can deliver on the tall promises they're making.
If they pull it off, it will shut a lot of haters up.

8bitwizard4356d ago

the wii needs this title sooo badly. the conduit, in my view, was nintendo's only bright light at e 3. i really want to believe that this will be nintendo's next golden eye or perfect dark... and not *sigh* red steel.

i hate you red steel

games4fun4356d ago

for the wii.

this game will look good and i give credit to the developers but all they are producing is going to at best look like one the first mediocore fps games that were released on the 360.

its good but by the time this comes out ps360 will have moved far far beyond it

eclipsegryph4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

What exactly does your statement have to do with anything?

Okay, so it will will look good "for the Wii". And this means... what? What kind of amazing revelation have you brought to light that hasn't been mentioned before? A good looking game is going to be a good looking game, regardless. I seem to remember, and continue to play, a number of beautiful games released on the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube, and the Wii's capabilities are beyond those.

Seriously though, what were you trying to say with this comment?

Just so you know, I have completely agreed with the words of your statement, as you are right - the graphics of this game will not be able to compare to anything out on the Xbox 360 or PS3.

N4g_null4356d ago

It's too bad it's will play better than any thing release this year or next year on the xbox or PS3 just because of the controller? Seriously HD PC games on a controller designed to play crash bandiwhatever and a pay service where they can give you access to new content or a new controller so the games can play faster?

The problem is the graphics will be good for the Wii. That will be a huge problem just like how it was for the PS2. It was good enough and the games played well enough. The only people that have a problem with this game is the HD owners. The best thing you can do is not comment about this game because it's going to be good.

SolidSnake934356d ago

I think that other developers should follow what these guys are doing, imagine R2 with 4 player splitscreen and bots, I'm waiting for the awesome Timesplitters 4 to show developers the way again.

Product4356d ago

its great for wii and to show other developers how it can be....although how are they developing what the ps360 has been doing?this game has better controls,how can xbox or ps3 have that?ps360 games may look beautiful and have online options that are right under that of pc but they have bad controls.Sorry its hard for me to play Halo after i play Metroid.Might look better but the controls are so.......last gen.

games4fun4356d ago

i'm sorry i thought i was talking about graphics hold on a minuite...
yup i was, how did you come to the conclusion i was talking controls? Also thanks for telling me this game has better controls let me run to the store and check... oh its not out yet? ok

the wii-mote is nice but it is also not 1:1 accurate(dont worry they made another peripheral for that too), and controls really are a preference. I personally like a controller to your "next-gen" wii controls. I get tired of waving my arms around to get the same result from tilting a joystiq forward. And even though you wont believe me i've played the wii for at least over 10hours in some games and i just wasn't all that impressed. And if all consoles are exclusively using these "next-gen" controls and totally ignore updating the console's ability to compute graphics,more enemies on screen, and game physics and new more powerful game engines well you can just call me a retro gamer cause i'll stick to what i have now.

Anyway i wasnt trying to start an argument over consoles i was pointing out things from a graphics perspective and i even gave it the props for looking really good for a wii game. What more do you want?

N4g_null4356d ago

The best display of the power of the Wii mote IR point was res evil Wiimake. The shooting is Actaeon gasp more fun because even with the Wi mote issues it's still better than analog set ups. I know you've seen the new Res evil 5 demo from E3. Wasn't it painful to see that guy struggle to even help out the other player and these where slow a$$ zombies! Face it I'd rather be pointing my arm and shooting stuff with more accuracy. Hell I don't even have to lift my arm to point at the TV.

Then on top of that you admit it's just going to get better with the motion+. Yeah the Wii should have come with that right so what should the HD system should have came with? You pay all that money and get the same controllers from last gen. The xbox has no solution for this and the PS3 has the silly sixaxis thing. Oh it's ok for them to come out with new stuff to make the controller better but not nintendo right?

Oh wait they didn't even give you rumble in the beginning WOW. Hell we got a 5watt speaker and an upgradable controller LOL!

The Wii is ignoring computing more stuff when you can barely shoot some one online with those controllers? Why is it ok to ignore that? I very happy watch game trailers to see the HD graphics but I dread having to have to control them with that controller. It is as sad as a pretty girl that can't have sex. It's like owning a fast car and having the payments with out the speed.

It seems you need a PC bad. Xbox ignores the fact that online is free and the PS3 ignores the fact that their online services still suck for big games like metal gear and other game have rooms dropping out when certain people disconnect, no real custom server support like PCs even though it is so powerful. The HD game makers ignore the fact that they can now make the stuff in their minds rather than the 25th attempt to show us realism controlled by crippling 3d controls.

Right now to a serious online gamer the HD market is still a joke on consoles. They have to fix the controls or controllers and the online services including the price. I would easily get a HD console if this was fixed and lots of game support this. The Wii is as good as it gets right now for FPS controls.

No one is trying to start an argument either but you do need a counter. If you only have yes men around you then how are you going to know your penis is not hanging out of your fly?

The current market proves there are still more gamers out there than tech heads interested in gaming.

Voiceofreason4356d ago

@games4fun, You just let everyone know with that post that you have never played the Wii. You say you want to move by analog and not by flailing your arms around but that is exactly how the Wii controls movement. with analog and not motion sensing. Also you failed at knowing about IR which is what Wii uses for FPS controls, and they are superior to analog in every way. You dont have to take my word for it though. Play RE4 for Wii and PS2 side by side. Notice how 40% of the ammo was removed for the Wii version because aiming is so much easier you dont waste as much ammo firing into walls while analoging over to an enemy to shoot.

Shoko4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

No need to be skeptical. the game has gotten PERFECT hands-on results from EVERY site who has played it. It's gonna be a perfect game not because it's the best game, but because nothing's wrong with it.

Please High Voltage please......put these features in. Splitscreen just makes everything so much better, and then bots, that's like hella fun. Heck, splitscreen made Red Steel fun. It doesn't matter what the game, splitscreen just makes everything fun. What's better than getting together with some friends and playing 4-players against eachother? And then Bots.....bots are awesome cause it's basically playing with other players offline. Please High Voltage I beg of you! If it has splitscreen and multiplayer, what else could it have? It'll have everything. Not even Halo has bots. And while Unreal Tournament does (love that game), it has no 4-player splitscreen. Please let The Conduit have splitscreen and bots!

jtucker784356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

Do you get any satisfation killing bots though?

The whole point of multiplayer for me is playing against other humans. Having a laugh with mates. That kind of thing.

Playing a game with bots is like playing a single player game, but with no story, and running around the same section of level in circles.

If Bots float your boat, who am I to argue, but personally I've never understood the point of them.
Considering there are human beings online all day everyday these days, you can always play against real people. There is no reason for bots to exist.
Maybe that is why bots have died out on the modern consoles.

Thinking about it, I suppose High Voltage have put bots into Conduit because many Wii owners probably don't know what online is.
The Wii is a local multiplayer console and a high percentage of owners won't go online. I suppose with 4 player splitscreen you need to make up the numbers to 12 / 16 / 32 whatever it is.

Product4356d ago

its 1:1 if your using it as a pointer.The reason why its not one to one has nothing to do with pointing it at the tv it has to do with the wii remotes relationship in 3d space which is done with accelerometers.Metroid is 1:1 for shooting

If you were a retro gamer you wouldnt care about graphics,and i know you werent starting a argument its just funny how people always play the graphics card with the wii when everyone knows its not up to par with the other consoles.

I just get tired when people give something credit then shoot it down in the same sentence.

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