North America market: Prices for 42-inch LCD TVs to drop to US$999 by end of 2007

Prices for 42-inch LCD TVs are likely to drop to US$999 by the end of 2007 in North America, according to LCD TV makers amid heated competition in the TV market. Prices in the 37- and 32-inch LCD TV segments are also expected to fall to new lows, reaching US$799 and US$399, respectively, by the end of next year, the makers predicted.

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MicroGamer4413d ago

With price drops like that there's no reason not to have an LCD TV by the end of the coming year. $399 for a 32"?? I wonder if that's with or without ATSC tuner??

BoneMagnus4413d ago

I wonder what resolution they are referring to. 1080p is still very expensive comparatively. Also, this should mean that rear-projection sets should be dropping a lot also.

specialguest4413d ago

$999 is like Black Friday price. i got my LCD HDTV about that price over a year ago during Black Friday. now im looking forward to upgrading to a 1080p.

Dukester1014413d ago

then i coulda saved 500 or so by waiting to get my tv. i just purchased a 42'' 1080p for a lil over 1500. that still isnt a bad deal though!

Yo Wassap4413d ago

Why LCD anyway, plasma is definately my favourite anyway; but that's my opinion. If i lived in the USA i'd buy like 8 32 inchers and make a wall from them. At that price you can't go wrong. Also i wish the UK wasn't so bloody expensive; for the same thing i would have to pay almost twice as much!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4412d ago

Plasma has bad burn in and games make it worse.

Yo Wassap4412d ago

yeah maybe 5 years ago, my 3 plasmas have never had burn in. It's incredibly rare.

MicroGamer4412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

plus if you ever manage to break the screen at some point in the future, it costs more to fix than to buy a new one. Some of the earlier plasma screens aren't even available to buy at any price, anymore, which is why you see so many cracked or shattered plasma TV's on ebay. The seller tells you it's fixable, but doesn't tell you the screen may cost from $3000-$10,000 depending on the size and model.

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The story is too old to be commented.